Friday, August 06, 2010

Art Vibration..11

I have done some work for a news web portal on request of Editor of & in this project of portal title and logo design three mind have done work one is myself second is web designer and third is web portal Editor and ditector. important part fo this work our all communication was on online step by step. i am still in my home town Bikaner and news editor and director from Delhi and web designer i don't know where from ....ha .But when i were design the first design then web designer told me for resize the file then i got a real file size by Editor the file size is 980X150 or 980X104 in Pix. then i recreate the new file and submited to editor then editor told me about text and logo size and font style then i again work for them on design and step by step we were getting the sance of web portal design with technical digital track .the editor was watching the transformation of his idea in design and in web designing and i am trying to convert the idea of Editor with boundation of web Designer.and the web designer was packed with thachnical system so he was indicate to editor and me by his knowledge and then we have created a final design in a three days for presentation on web portal. in that case i were take a challenge and i did lots of exercise by my vision for design of web portal title. you can visit that design on web portal at and on i am thankful for editor of this web portal Mr.Yograj Sharma and his news portal team...ha
yogendra kumar puorhit


Anonymous said...

yogendra, i have been watching your designs on facebook too
all i can say is that your designs are lame and you dont deserve to be a designer! go back to what you can do best.... that is, drawing! please stop designing.

Anonymous said...

when will you listen to your well-wishers?
what the heck is that hand-pump wala design?
please save earth, make a contribution by not designing