Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Art Vibration - 183


 A live Special Movement of Rakshabandhan Festival of INDIA. Our 
Hon'ble President of INDIA Busy In Rakshabandhan  festival with kids. 
Photo  updated from Facebook Page of President of INDIA. So thanks to
 Hon'ble president of INDIA for this writing to light update visual. it is live example of time  capture of today.

Yes  19TH August is a fix for world photography day . some philosophers were said to Photography work like a writing to light . yes they were right about this definition of photography.

Today world  is getting right condition about all sector of life by this photography tool . media , social activity, our daily life every day this photography tool is support to life  for right communication with right condition by visuals. Many social networks and system of registration need very first a right photo of users for right communication or that’s identity  . it is must for transparency of true system . and in this transparency photography is giving very strong support and backup to our world . so our world have fixed a day for world photography that is 19th AUGUST.

Camera is my live life shadow .by camera I have shoot to my past 20 years and that’s art movement as a art documentation,  so I know importance of camera in life. It was gave me many good job, in field of art and by this camera I were done some good job for social artwork. Camera is register to direct motion by light for history record .you can say camera is a time capture and light capture also. So its acceptable for camera it’s a tool of writing to light.

Yesterday I were celebrated it after received a good wish from my junior and press Photographer Dinesh Meena . he was wished me then I were designed  a short caption for world photography day . I were wrote that and then updated with a natural picture of bird , I were shoot that outside of my studio in past.

I were wrote wish words  for world art family about world photography day  “ I AM  WISHING  TO ALL OF  YOU WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY AS A WRITER OF LIGHT ..” ( here I am sharing that picture image and that’s online update link for  your visit. )

You know great art master Leonardo Da  vinci was created very first camera by his creative vision. He was first writer of light in our world. So I am dedicate  our world photography day  to Great Art Master Leonardo Da Vinci . it is must for me as a visual artist because I know he was created concept of camera very first by his art vision in our world.

 After concept of  Leonardo Da vinci our world was got busy in more fine or  refine to concept of Camera and today it is very advance,  by DC volt  to we can store natural light on  a one click or in digital bites . for it perfect word is virtual image in electronic format. It is real success of a concept of writing to light . so its must we celebrate to world Photography day  in a year or in our real life .
My one friend cum press Photographer Mr. Himanshu vyas is saying to camera , its third eye. Yes it is third eye when we capture to time and live condition by camera . in press and media life its really work like a third eyes with prove record in format of visual data .

For example I want to share with  you a live past story of myself about photography or about concept of writing to light . I were in Jaipur in my master  education time . one day I were received a invitation from a cultural event that was classical dance event invitation. And that was organized  in a traditional Haveli of Jaipur Gharana.

I were went  for that event and there I were with my camera , digital camera Nikon coolpix 4200 . when I were entered in that historical haveli I saw  a very fine decoration by electricity for fine look of that Haveli. I were captured to that fine light decoration seen so I were wrote to light .ha  . here that visuals will say to  you complete story of my writing to light by visuals. So I will not write much more about that photography work . over all  there that event  was performance of dance but I were observed and captured to my camera only light decoration of that Haveli. That was giving me some nice visual by light so I were wrote to light ,so  I say it. Ha

And yesterday once again   , I were remembered to my past writing work by writing to light. Because yesterday our world were celebrated world photography day a day of writing to light .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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