Saturday, August 10, 2013

Art Vibration - 175

MY GANPATI OF 20,000/-

It was a  very interesting art movement of my art journey . I were completed  my art master’s and then I were want to live busy in art exercise for next step of art . so my art vision wanted  to me a art space  for art work like a my art collage studio.So I were went to Jkk for get to art space about true art exercise. There officers were said  to me we have no space  for painting work we have no studio for painter in this art center . yes it is right and critical condition of a big art center of Rajasthan. There no space  for painters. When I were talked  to officers they were told me sorry in direct words . in that movement I were said some true but critical words to officers , I were not said any wrong words but I were show the definition of seniors duty and demand of visual art from a visual art center. There JKK have theater , graphic studio, sculpture studio, music studio but not a painting studio .ha

When I said some critical right art words to officers of JKK then they were told me we have graphic studio and if  you want  do real art work so we can provide for  you our graphic studio space. I were needed art work space for free exercise so I said ok I need art space and art environment for my art journey. I will work in your Graphic Studio.

There I were registered to myself  for life time membership with 500/- rupees .Jkk was gave me permission card  for art work as a freelancer artist. First day I were visited to Graphic studio .that was not clean . I saw everywhere rough paper , black ink pots some big roller of graphic art printing . over all that was very dirty visuals of a art studio . I were opened that with offer of JKK . he said you can work at here. I said to him thank you . in that movement I saw my mobile watch that was showing  5 pm .

 I were thought what I create today on first day? Because I did knew first impression is the last impression . there I were searched a paper  so I got a paper piece then I were saw a boll was there and in that boll I saw some dark color graphic art medium so I were putted some nitro comical of graphic art in that boll ( kind  your information I know graphic art work very well ) or I were mixed to that dark comical in nitro . you can say I were created color  for my art work just like Narayan Muni Sant. It is a short story but it is a right time for share with you by this post because I have read it in my art history or its  my first and last inspiration for creative art. It is a base of visual art creation. So I want to share it with  you. Narayan Muni was in Vishnudharmotarpuran time . he was a big Sant . one day he was busy in his deep prayer ( TAPASHYA ) . some beautiful ladies  of heaven came near his self for disturb to him . he was sant so he was got angry very much on that heaven ladies ( APSASARA ) .Sant Narayan Mini was take a critical art action for take a test of that heaven ladies . he was broken a mango from mango tree and by mango juice he was created a very nice aesthetical women painting on stone and asked  to that heave ladies . Are  you have this aesthetic look in yourself  ?  if  you have then stop here otherwise leave this true prayer place of myself . they heaven ladies were felt  small image of herself in frot side of that aesthetical painting of Narayan Muni. By this story I were understood the base of art . art is in our self that’s come out by our unconsciousness through consciousness way . beauty is in our vision not in earth or in nature. This same talk after Vishnudharmotar puran , many art critics and philosophers have explained in his or her words in our world art theory  . ha

In Jkk first day of my work , I were felt same sound of Sant Narayan Muni in myself . but there condition was different and visual was also different but I were putout some aesthetical sound of art in that dirty condition of JKK  studio. I were created there a image by a brown color through a rough brush . I were draw a image of LORD GANESH . in our INDIAN religion philosophy lord Ganesh is a god of start to work of success . I were not planned that art work image but I were created that for new start of  art journey from JKK  studio. And that image was came out after visit that rough condition of that studio .

But when I were draw that image of Ganpati I said I have done Shree GANESH of art work from this studio of JKK.In that  case  Officer of JKk was came in studio after some time and asked  to me what are  you doing in this dirty space . I were showed that image of  god Ganpati, He was changed  after visit  my first art work image and said very good. Best wishes. ( Officer Name Artist Shubhash mahta ji and Rajiv Achary ji )

That first art work I were fixed on a display board of graphic studio .There  many art teachers, artists ,art students , art collectors, media person and some more people were visited that true art work of myself.

After few months a art gallery was sold my some small art works then I got some money in my pocket . by that money I were gave a frame to Ganpati image very first. You can say that Ganpati image was recalling to me always that first day of JKK Studio work and that’s condition. There I were created many art work and many work styles but that ganpati was still with mein Jkk .There many art galleries directors  or art collectors were demanded to me that art work image but I were not gave to them.

One day I were sited in studio  a privet art gallery director came in Jkk Studio and he was visited  my art work. In that case he was looked  to my first art image of that studio ,he was asked  to me its  yours I said yes it is myself creation. He said I want it  yogendra, I said sorry I can’t give it . he said I can give  you 20,000 /- rupees for this art work . I said clearly  no ..sorry I can’t give it to any one . why I said I don’t know but I said with full confidence to him. That was not a art that was a live registration of my first day work condition of JKK and by that image I were done that art journey of art exercise in uncomfortable condition . because I have not there good art space after JKK for my art environment.

There  that art work was gave me change of  20,000/- rupees collection , but I could not taken that chance . Today that art work image in wall of my own complete art Studio of Bikaner. .so I said My Ganpati of  20,000/- ….

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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