Friday, August 16, 2013

Art Vibration - 180


It is a silent art work or campaign of  myself  for save our tiger. Last 5 years to my art vibration blog is running in world art communication  Path and 33,000 something  art viewers and art lovers have visited it or  read  it  with sound of art. I were shared silently a another sound by art, that is save our tiger campaign, all time I have showed a image of INDIAN tiger on main page of art vibration blog ., I were not demanded any donation or something other to viewers  , but I am showing by a image of tiger about save to tiger life. It’s a silent message by a picture and by activity of a visual artist .

We know today tiger is on danger line so in INDIA, Government of INDIA have taken a right action for protection of tiger , Government is caring to tiger  life in IDNIAN forest . it is must and its giving some positive result day by day to Nation . it is a right work for Nature by Government of INDIA.

I were noticed ND TV and Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir also committed  for this national campaign save our tiger. They are colleting money for tiger safety system . In Rajasthan Forest Minister Msr. Bina KAk  (Master of Art ) . she is also busy in this campaign save our tiger. She is a good Photographer so I can see her artistic photography view with image of tiger activity time to time b y her updates  . In Rajasthan she have gave her best to this campaign and her best is giving very best result  so thanks to my senior artist and Forest Minister of Rajasthan Msr. Bina Kak.

In this campaign sound I were shared two image of INDIAN Tiger on my blog page. First image I were received from my artist friend Carol Ann Ham , she is very senior artist so she was sent me that image in a joke , but I were used that image in form of save our tiger campaign  on my blog .

After that I were registered  myself on web portal of save our tiger campaign . there I were saw some more art images of tiger . so there to I were collect a fine portrait of tiger face, logo of save our tiger campaign team   and created a small poster image for this silent campaign work of myself.

In that case I were created  a drawing with texture of tiger skin look . that was different type drawing but I were created that for save our tiger  campaign .it was in black and white look on simple paper . I were shared that on online with a short request of save our tiger . after that I were felt  many art lovers and art promoter or some wild life care persons were liked that drawing work of Save our tiger sound.
I do it because I know about nature system . I have read to environment and that’s refreshment  . it is natural and nature have designed it by balance system of recycle . Tiger is a most part of Jungle  wild life recycle  . Tiger is a strong tool of Nature tiger is a power of Jungle .

In past I were in press as a press photographer , I were got a story on zoo so I were went zoo for photography work . I were shoot there  a tiger . that was in cage . I saw tiger was watching to me and noticing  my action of photography and I were noticing condition of that tiger . that was not right for Tiger. I felt a king of Jungle in cage just for people visit . its not a part of exhibition it’s a strong part of nature so its very must it live in nature with free motion or without cage . there I were taken a risk for tiger image . I were shoot to tiger and in that picture I were not wanted iron rod with tiger image . so I were putted  my hand in cage of tiger and taken a free image of tiger .But  that was only image not a real condition of  that cage tiger .

So  you can say there to I were started thinking for save our tiger  and after that observation of painful condition of Tiger and other wild life animals of zoo  , I were started some art work and sound about wild life care . I were connected  to Wild life organization after that live Zoo Story. I were updated tiger image on my blog page for all time about save our tiger . as a artist I were support by art communication to our save our tiger campaign . so I said campaign on save our Tiger. 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Bhut khub for a wonderful cause!