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Art Vibration - 173

Art and Haziali of Mumbai

Haziali Dargah of Mumbai , Photography by yogendra kumar purohit, 2003
Haziali is a Sant of Muslim religion . his Mazar In Mumbai Sea . Mumbai is a art city of our nation .Mumbai is representing to performers for art and craft . Kind  your information  all type performance is a true art. So I said Mumbai is representing to Art  and in art performance or presentation many artists were  used  to visuals and space of Haziali Dargah of Mumbai . that’s location is pulling to artists view always . you can say connection of   soul to soul . I am saying it because I am feeling it or I did felt it as a visual artist. It is true .

Haziali Dargah of Mumbai , Photography by yogendra kumar purohit,2007
I can’t forget a real seen of my past art journey . it was year 2003 , I were in Mumbai . there my group show was running in a art gallery and after close to gallery we were went to Haziali Dargah Side , for visit to that location . there we were pray to Haziali and then we were shoot some visuals of that artistic location . sea, rock, way of Dargah in sea. That was evening time . when sun set time was on I were got a idea for photography , I did want to shoot sun on Dargah , so I were run for shoot to that,  I know that was one KM. run for a visual . that time Haziali was stop to sun for me I were felt it . yes I were came on road with my camera and then I got a fine picture according to my idea of photography . that was my first visit of haji ali and there to I got a very artistic visual . before  that visit I were seen to Haziali Dargah in film Coolie , Dr. Amitabh Bachchan was performed his shot at Haziali Dargah .

Myself at Haziali Dargah of Mumbai , Photography by yogendra kumar purohit, 2007

After 2003 ,I were again visited to Haziali Dargah in 2007 , this year my solo exhibition was  again in Mumbai . I were alone there so one day I were went to Haziali Dargah for prayer . my camera was with me ,when I were went in Drargah I were leaved my bag alone near my shoos  on gate of DARGAH . that was on risk but I were confident on Haziali . so my camera and bag was safe and when I were taken my camera in my hand many were looked me and felt  surprising condition . there I were felt connection of soul to soul  .When I were leaving to Dargah of Haziali In that movement rain was on, sea water was coming on the way of Dargah  , some sea water was came on my body , I were felt Haziali was wanted to stop me and taking my patience test. I were safe .because blessing of Haziali was caring to me very much. I were shoot some visuals of that movement before rain of after rain  . When I were came on land road of Mumbai rain was started very fast and in that movement Haziali Dargah was hidden in fog of rain , I were could not visited to Dargah of Haziali and I asked a question to myself..  am I there?

In same night on TV at Hotel Arynivas,  Calbadevi road , I were visited a Musical TV show SA RE GA MA PA  . A singer of My City Mr. Raja Hasan was singing a song of  PIYA HAZIALI PIYA HAJI ALI PIYA HAJI ALI PIYA HO was a another live example of connection of soul to soul in field of art between artist and Haziali.

Here in visuals  you will feel some true connection sound when you will visit as a emotional person or with feeling full mood . because I were noticed it a one place is pulling to all true art creators and artists sound  , Actor, writer, singer, painter( me) . sculptor , photographer, film director ,poet, dancer over all  kind of  art performer is knowing to sound of HAZIALI or that’s DARGAH Location. When I were in Mumbai that time I were also there without any visit program of HAZIALI Dargah .

Before year  2003 , I were in Mumbai that was year 2000, we were four friends went Mumbai for admission in J.J. School, there we were visiting to Nahru center and after that visit  we were planned for visit to Haziali Dargah but we could not visited. because we were waited of bus on Bus stop  for Haziali but in that movement rain was started very fast we were sited 2 hours under the umbrella of small bus stop of Mumbai ( PON PON ) . we were felt very cold body wanted some food and hot tea something so in that time I were could not visited to Haziali  you can say in that year Haziali want to meet to me,   not to my other friends . ha .

 Haziali Dargah of Mumbai , Photography by yogendra kumar purohit, 2007
Here today I have read a good Wish about “ EID ” from My art teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay so I were remembered to Hazilali Dargah and that’s live movement for myself  art journey. So I am sharing it as a emotional or as a soul to soul connection role  performer  for  you on “EID ” , I sure Haziali Baba will notice this blog post of my art vibration by his soul connection I said Art and Haziali of Mumbai ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Just read your post.Nice writeup and beautiful photos of Haziali Dargah.Thanks for sharing.