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Art Vibration - 176


Sign of My Senior Artist baqer Naqvi ,
When Rajasthan School of Art Alumni was celebrating  foundation day on  second year by a art Exhibition at Jkk In direction  of  Our Late Senior Sculptor Shri Somhendra Sharma  Ji . in that celebration  time he was organized a art workshop for our alumni artists . that workshop was running in Jkk Exhibition hall .

Artist AjayMishra is busy in painting work.
Artist Michal Bhai is busy in painting work 

Artist Ajay Darshan is busy in his painting work 
Artist Michal Bhai is giving art respect to artist

My senior artist Mr. Baqer Naqvi ( bhai )  , Michal Bhia, Junior  Ajay Darshan, Ajay Mishra and some more junior artists were participated in that art work shop . that was a formal art workshop from our Alumni for social art education in society by visual art. I were not participated because I were went there some late . they were offered me for art work but I were said  you create art sound I will register is in my visual data for our alumni art history.

After collage education I were first time visited live art work  of  my senior Baqer bhai , he was creating his own style painting on art space in that art workshop of alumni of Rajasthan school of art. That exhibition hall condition was very critical . before that art workshop I were participated in a art workshop that was in same exhibition hall of JKK.

Artist Baqer Bhai is creating his own painting on oil sheet by oil pastel in art workshop of our Alumni 2008 

When I were in that exhibition hall , I saw a big traditional oil lamp was giving light in that hall. And my seniors and juniors were busy in painting work with full art dedication . they all were working on paper sheet by oil color or by oil pastel color . in mid they were getting fun by way of art with full fun mood , I think that fun mood motion was giving to them true art work of that art workshop .

Dedicated art exercise give always freedom to artist heart or to creative person of this world. There I were saw that live example in my seniors or in juniors. I were captured to that live fun motion of art . in critical condition they all were enjoying to art and creating fun for each other.

Artist Michal Bhai is giving respect toArtist Baqer Bhai in art workshop of our alumni .2008 

I were shoot that art activity as a history writer or our alumni . I were wrote to light of that dark exhibition hall art activity . some artist were not looking to me but they were busy in art work  in darkness ,  like a charcoal mains  worker .ha ha ha..there I felt A real diamond give sign in darknes .ha ha..

A traditional oil lamp of  art workshop hall of our alumni. 2008 

In fun activity they all were giving respect to each other by a flower ring one by one with some respecting words ( shree man Bakar ……ha ) . Bakar is a very respecting word of them in art language of my seniors . this words is running continue in seniors language of my art collage to art collage history and this is still today like a symbol of heritage of our art collage talk language  .our alumni artists are  caring this historical word of our art collage very well and they are using it today in art language..Bakar is a symbolic word of “ gossip ” word .. Ha ha ha . it is a fun word of our art collage boys , I don’t know girls art students have use it or not because I have not listened this word in talk of girls of my  art collage.

That art workshop work was exhibited in our alumni art exhibition . media was promoted to that live art workshop of our alumni with a right art guideline for visual art. Our  art collage alumni director Late sculptor   Shri Somhendra Ji was promoted that art workshop by his artistic  words in theater of JKK or in function of  alumni art exhibition catalog launching event . so here in visuals  you can see to live condition of that art workshop by me because I am history writer of our alumni by tool of write  to light. Ha

 I were observed true art dedication, fun in art by way of art , a live creative message to society  and a joint work of alumni in a one place or in form of art workshop , there senior and junior were working like a team of art activity creator . so I were shoot that  art movement as a history writer of my alumni of  Rajasthan school of art. So here I said to that ,artist workshop of alumni …

Late Shre Somhendra sharma ji director of our alumni of Rajasthan School of art  with late social actives
Shri Girdharilal ji bhargaw and chair person of JKK , Chandrmani ji , on desk  speaker artist S.khangarot ji.

 Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

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