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Art Vibration - 184



A painting was dedicated  to Great Shehnai wadak ustad Bishmilla khan . year 2006
Artist :- yogendra  kumar purohit, Chandra Shekhar Sain,Arvind Dhakad, 
This post is dedicate to late great Musician Ustad Bishmilaa Khan Saheb. Because today 21 August  2013 is death anniversary of Ustad Bishmilla Khan saheb. So first I pray for his peace of soul  .

He was born in Dumroun ,Bihar, India. On date 21st  march   1913 and he was leaved  to us on date 21 August  2006. In 93 year he was shared his complete life with performing art , that’s name is Music , music is  a direct art work, its working through sound webs in our environment .so listener can get very fast refreshment by music . Ustad Bishmilla khan was knew this  art sense of music by his father guide line . His father was his ustad. So  you can say music culture was in his blood by family culture .
 Bishmilla Khan saheb was selected his family cultural musical instrument for his self art performance , yes he was selected Shehnai . In our past  INDIAN culture and in traditional activity or festival  people were invited  to musician for creation of  traditional musical environment , in that time mostly they were invited  to Traditional Shehnai performer . this musical instrument working on human breaths And its sound is pulling direct to listener heart  . mostly Shehnai music was used on wedding function of traditional style in past and today someone invited  to Shehnai Wadak ( performer ) ,it was culture of INDIAN history. So Shehnai is a very historical musical instrument of our INDIAN music. 

I were listened first time to ustad Bishmilla khan by Durdarshan  TV . in my childhood age .on Sunday by a JUGAL BANDI of Music event  I think. But name is not sure in my memory .

After that in 2001 I were read a news about BHARAT RATN Award . in that award name  I were read name of ustad Bishmilla khan  . our Government of INDIA was gave him a true regard to his music prayer or dedication. Bharat Ratn award is not only a award that is a complete respect to a complete committed person . and ustad Bishmilla khan was committed to his shehnai or family culture of music like a Gharana  culture. 

In 2006 Ustad Bishmilla Khan was got ill and his condition was critical , I were read again by news paper  and after some days he was passed away . I were felt pain . but how to I could expressed to that pain of myself . I were shared  my pain with some juniors they were said to me “ we can create a art work for his true art respect . I were liked that advice of my juniors Chandra Sjekhar  Sain  and Arvind Dhakad . Actually in that  time I were busy in art exercise at JKK. Jaipur . so we three artist were created  a art work for respect to art dedication of ustad Bishmilla Khan . I were felt in that day something was broken .

So I were draw a Shehnai in form of brake and red blood is coming out from Shehnai. Some eyes were putout blood tears . I were wrote in HINDI “ KUCH TUT GAYA HAI ”.

In three step we were completed to that art work in respect of ustad Bishmilla Khan . what we could after that as a visual artist or for respect to true art of ustad.

After creation of our art work media was published to that art work with respect full words about ustad Bishmilla Khan saheb and for our feeling full prayer about  peace of soul of ustad Bishmilla Khan saheb.

Artist Tirthankar Bisawas was created this painting in 2006,
After loss of late great ustad Bishmilla khan  saheb. 
Today that painting is not in my collection because someone collected   that true art work of us without information to me or in my absence .who collected I don’t know but what he or she  collected they can’t understand it, in his or her life. Because that person was not live to that painting movement , we three artist were leaved that movement of art for a true artist of music. By luck I have a visual image of that art work so I am sharing with  you here  for  your visit that live painful art time of myself .

You can think how to ustad Bishmilla khan came in my vision today ? so I want to tell you about this true motion or art memory .yesterday I were busy in art communication on page there a artist friend cum senior artist Tirthankar Biswas was updated a art work image on his page. By that art communication path I saw his art work and noticed a portrait of ustad Bishmilla khan with a critical drawing visual. When I were visiting that art work in that movement I were went in my past art time that was year 2006 . Artist friend Tirthankar was created his  art work in 2006 after death of ustad Bishmilla khan , he said it to me on art communication of facebook. So here I am sharing with  you his true art dedication for true art of ustad Bishmilla khan by his visual art work image. So  I am thankful for  Artist Tirthankar Biswas  was recalled to me about true art motion of my past art journey in that journey I were expressed to pain of loss of  Shehnai wadak ustad Bishmilla khan .

Here I am again prayer to god for peace of Soul of ustad Bishmilla khan Saheb. Because  he was gave sound to Shehnai by his own breath of life ,usta was gave life to classical Shehnai music in this contemporary  or pop music time . so today I feel again it , Shehnai mean ustad Bishmilla khan …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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