Saturday, August 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 187


Two Tourist in Jaipur  i were shoot this picture from Auto after first click of  tourist ,it was  click on click by me.

Journey is giving always  different types experiences . when we are live on journey. You know creative person live always on journey mode , some time they are follow to travel transport tool it can car, bus, train, airplane, sheep and Rocket and some  time  they are doing journey by vision in his creative thinking way .

Transport journey is giving many practical visuals , emotions, conditions , short relations and much more . that live and practical movement live always save   in memory of  a creative person  . I am saying it because I am living it as a creative person in this true art journey of myself .here on this art vibration   blog you are always and mostly every day observing this type sound of my past journey .
Here today I want to share a very short but interesting emotional story . that was a live motion of life in front side of myself. This story  was started from a texi stand  of Jaipur. I were went Jaipur for our art exhibition . so I were picked a auto for Jawahar Kala Kendra . that auto was going with a right speed  on right side of road . on red light  that auto was stop for wait about green light . in that case a indigo car was came near auto and stop for wait about green light just like  us .

In car I saw two tourist were  sited  and they both were looking to driver of auto and his life condition  like a critic And that auto driver was looking to them and feeling some upset , I were read it on his face by his face expressions that was live and true expression s. I were observing  to that live seen of real life. In that case  I saw one tourist he was senior man of other country , he was shoot to that auto driver and his auto by camera click . Auto driver told me sir they are shooting my picture . his word was not in good sound he was not comfortable about that critical condition . but what he could after light smile for tourist of that car.

In same time  I said to him don’t worry they are shooting  your picture , I will shoot to them from my camera , I were opened my bag  and taken camera in my hand . when auto driver saw camera in my hand he was got happy I saw a natural smile on his face in morning time. In next movement I were looked to that car and that’s tourist and I were started shooting of them , they both were looked me and got surprising condition by me  and auto driver was laughing very much . I don’t know what he was feeling and getting from that live art action of myself but he was got happy by reaction of art by me.

In car they tourist were got very conscious when I were started shooting  of them . they were feeling same feeling like auto driver .ha ha..

As a artist  I were gave backup to a common man of my nation by art action through click on click .  after few second green light was on and auto driver was started his auto and that car was also on same root so that tourist were looking to us continue with surprising expressions on face.

 I were noticed auto driver was felt happy and he was said to me in Hindi SIR JI MAJA  AA GAYA ( he said I enjoyed when  you shoot to them from  your camera)  for more promotion of his happiness I said to him , they can shoot to a common man of INDIA then a common man can shoot to them on same place by camera .ha ha.

 There in 50 seconds of time I saw lots of emotional conditions and that’s live presentation with true emotional face  expressions . I saw sad  to happy and haapy to tens . auto driver was sad but by art reaction  of myself he was happy . in car they tourist were happy by photography of auto driver but after my art photography action they came in tens . but in that movement I were played  my art role for backup of self confidence of a common man  he was my auto driver . I were taken  that art action on click  of tourist  so I said here click on click ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA..

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