Saturday, August 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 181


Art Exercise is giving  many  view for presentation of art sound. In my art nature I am always taking challenge for presentation of inner art sound with different kind of art medium. Because I know art need art sound medium is secondary for art. When  you will take a look on this blog posts then  you will feel it very clear in my art journey  .

Here I want to share a different story of a portrait work. It was very small miniature portrait in clay. I were crafted that portrait by my hand finger . actually  I were in Gwalior City for participation of a national painting camp. Kala Rang Kala Sang art society was organized to that art camp . I were invited in that camp from Bikaner. There I were created painting on canvas in my own visual art  language.

There I saw some sculptors were busy in sculpture work in clay . after painting work I were watching to them and that’s clay art work . because I were worked in clay in my foundation year of B.F.A.Painting Education and after B.F.A. I were created a sculpture in clay . that was stamp shill of INDIAN post . that was in size 4 fits height . I were done that big clay work in my master of art education.  that was big work .by me in clay. But there in Gwalior art camp I were observed to that clay work and that’s working style by different artist of our nation that was interesting for me .so I were observing to them .  

On last day of that camp I were got free to myself  from my painting work . so I were again went near sculptors of that camp . they all were giving final stage to his or her art work in that case I were collected some clay in my hand and then started some exercise by my finger on that clay . in that art exercise  I were thought for a old man face and after some time I were created that face in clay . that’s size was 2X1X1 inches..very small portrait in clay of that art workshop . I were gave a look to that portrait a traditional Rajasthani old  man face.

After that small craft work I were leaved  to that small portrait in sun light for dry . in that case many other artists were visited that fun mood art work of myself in miniature form. I said  its my miniature sculpture of this art camp. So register it .ha

In mid of craft work of that portrait I were shoot some visuals of that miniature portrait . I were show my art exercise as a sculptor in that camp in front of some senior or junior sculptors . they all were liking that . when I were creating that miniature  sculpture in that case I were remembering to Artist Manish Bhaderiya  , he is from Gwalior , and I were met to him very first In New Delhi at rest house of Lalit Kala Academy . there I were saw his very small sculptures .he was created that small sculptures on white plaster writing chock . that was very fine craft work of Artist Manish Bhaderiya . In Gwalior I were met to him by that camp so I were created a miniature sculpture for Manish in his city from that art camp. He was liked that when he was saw my miniature portrait and he said DADA  you are too much . ha ha ha..

I were created that small work for our past memory or about a live art talk of past by miniature sculpture work . Artist Manish Bhaderiya  was noticed it very closely as a sculptor . by bad luck he was not participated in that camp so my small art work a miniature portrait was representing  to art sound of Manish Bhaderiya  in his own city Gwalior  .ha

When that miniature sculpture was got some dry by sun light I were painted to that as a painter I were used white and black with blue color for painting to that portrait . After painting work that was got a final look like a show piece item as a craft work. I were submitted that small miniature work in hand of director of kala rang kala sang art society of Gwalior. And came back at home Bikaner  with my junior art master Shrikant Ranga  .

Here some visuals of that fun mood clay modeling art work for  your visit , I were created it in fun mood at  Gwalior city .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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