Monday, August 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 189


Friends you know it very well about art gallery. It’s a live space  of art presentation for  visual art . Art Gallery concept was designed specially  about  visual art  . Because creative art  and that’s value like a pure diamond so our senior art creators and critics were created this art gallery concept for our world art in this world .

This concept is working very well today for visual art . In our nation INDIA , we have a very rich art gallery . that is in city Mumbai and that’s name is Jehangir Art gallery . in past it was giving a real art image to artist after exhibition at Jehangir  art gallery , I have read it in my art history . Progressive art group was exhibited art exhibition in Jehangir art gallery . that time jehangir art gallery was provided art space for exhibition of  PAG Group. Great late artist suzaa, Hussain , Hebaar and some more artist of PAG  group was exhibited art exhibition at jehangir art gallery . our art history said it when I were read that.

After art education I were try for exhibition at jehangir art gallery . I were filled many time application forms of art exhibition at jehangir art gallery but time were not supported  to me . I were got upset because I were lost my 12 year in wait of jejahgir Art gallery . this waiting matte story I have shared  with  you on this art vibration in past , so I will not rewrite that again for  you.. that’s link is  this ..for  your look .. 

But I were taken a art action with critical sound of art. I said jehangir Art gallery for visual artist not for director of  management of jehangir Art gallery .i were criticism by art work of cartoon art. Actually I wanted to change in system of jehangir art gallery . they were  following  to old rule with old patron  and there waiting of 6 year is still today so no way for very fresh  young art  energy or that’s presentation of art  at jehangir art gallery.

After my hard criticism the management of jehangir Art gallery  was noticed  my art sound by critical way  and they were changed  some  old rule of Jehangir Art gallery . it was new start for fresh Indian art presentation by jehangir Art gallery . I were liked that .In that change of rule Jehangir art gallery was launched a web site with online network page on facebook or twitter . it was real contemporary art action and change by jehangir art gallery so I were liked that very much  . that online art action was showing to me if Jehangir is with me about contemporary art concept of INDIA.

I were joined to that web page as a artist of INDIA. When i were clicked on web page of jehangir art gallery . I were saw a new offer for artist from web designer or from jehangir art gallery . on main page jehangir art gallery and that’s web designer was created  a digital painting format , on that page without digital painting no one could  entered in web page for visit to jehangir art gallery and that’s art information on online . so after registration of myself  I were created seven digital paintings on web page  for jehangir art gallery.  In that time I said about jehangir Art gallery.  THE JEHANGIR ART GALLERY IS PROVIDING DIGITAL ART MEDIUM FOR VISUAL ARTIST SO JOIN NOW AND ENJOY TO DIGITAL PAINTING ON PAGE OF JEHANGIR ART GALLERY . I were shared this kind of words with digital painting image of web page of jehangir art gallery .

I were created seven paintings in graphic style because there painting tool and that’s use was working very limited . that was technical falt from designer but that was not a important matter , there important matter was it , if Jehangir art gallery  was provided art medium in digital form  for visual artist of INDIA with free space or without waiting . that was direct painting on jehangir art gallery and that’s digital wall. I were enjoyed to that digital painting exercise when I were created direct of web page of jehangir art gallery . step by step I were created seven different type painting by limited art tool on that web page. But I did art exercise on web page of  jehangir art gallery from support of jehangir art gallery team. .

Here  you can visit  my art exercise of digital painting on  web page of jehangir  art gallery. there I were not only one artist many senior and junior artist of INDIA were created digital painting on web page of jehangir art gallery and some good art work, jehangir art gallery web page team was updated on main web page of Jahangir art gallery . by bad luck I could not get that chance for my digital art work but a one art work was got  like with good words from web team of jehangir art gallery so I were thankful for team of Jahangir art gallery and thats management team director  because they were provide me jehangir art gallery on online with digital art medium so I said digital art on web page of jehangir art gallery …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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