Thursday, August 01, 2013

Art Vibration - 166

Year 2007 , I were participated in a group exhibition of painting and other art visuals . that exhibition was organized  by my junior cum senior  art master vivek kakra . that exhibition was in Bikaner at Sudarshana Kala dirgha . ( art gallery ) .

In that art exhibition my juniors and some seniors were participated from other cities of Rajasthan. Some artists   were came from Jaipur and someone were came from Jodhpur .there  in that exhibition time Art Master Vivek Kakra  was organized a workshop  for exhibition artists . I were created one painting  and then a very critical art work . that was my very small art work of that art workshop.
Actually in that time I were read many news about carpeted movies compact disk’s by news papers .that carpeted motion was created some unnatural condition in front side of  myself .that was very tens full for me because in that movement I were not used online communication path from my studio . so I were going to net center  in that case many time I were shared  my art work visuals through net center so my data was saved  on compact disk and that disk was lived in my hand or in my bag so all were thinking something unnatural for my art work CD. Ha ha ..

 That condition  was created for me uncomfortable condition . but that was my time limitation for art communication so compact disk was lived in my hand . ha

But when I were participated in that art exhibition cum art workshop I were putted  my inner angry  condition of compact disk matter . there after a fresh painting creation I were taken a useless compact disk  in my hand and painted  to that by blue color . when I were painted to that compact disk my senior artist Mr. Himanshu  vyas asked  to me what is this  purohit ji ? I were gave a critical answer to him its blue CD hahahaha. because I have painted it by blue color. He was noticed  my inner sound and that’s critical expression way by that compact disk painting work .

For viewer I were wrote  BLUE CD on that compact disk by same color . when that compact disk was got dry I were hanged to that painted blue CD in our exhibition gallery  for visitors.There I were noticed that very small and critical art work was pulled to visitors and giving some sense about that art work subject by way of critical presentation .

In three days display I were observed viewers expression and views by my vision or by art talk . someone were  liked that and someone not .it mean that small work is making some vibration in vision of visitors .in same time I were felt my inner tens was not disturbed to me this type sound all viewers were living in his or her self in that time . because in environment of our city and nation  the  advance technology was new and all people were not knew about that right image and someone were using to that for wrong use . that was a real tens mater   for me or for our society.

But today compact  disk is not in use by technology users because technology had got more advance tool for data save or share on online and after 2007 I were started my art communication from my studio by our on communication connection of our BSNL INDIA.

 I think that art work presentation was gave me a new way for more advance and strong art communication way . you can say that art work was a turning point of my communication path. But when I were created that critical art work I were very angry on miss use matter of Compact disk . you can say a negative condition was gave me way of critical art work and that art work was gave me a new idea and way for right art communication to our world art. . so I said to that art work , a art work by painted CD .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA

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सुनील गज्जाणी said...

welden mr. yogendra purohit , very nice . keep it up .