Thursday, August 22, 2013

Art Vibration -185


Digital Painting for Samsung Galaxy Note II by Myself  
Last year I were got a samsung mobile phone as a gift from my family member. I were learning to use of that  new mobile hand set . it is touch screen hand set so I were felt some problem in use . About  right guide line  I were registered  myself on Samsung mobile web page on online . there to I were collected some right guide line for use to mobile by touch action. After that guideline  I were connected to Samsung on twitter and on facebook network . as a member of Samsung users family. So that day to till today I am connected with Samsung like a family member .

Last year in month November Samsung mobile company was launched a new hand set Samsung galaxy note II . in that promotion of hand set campaign Samsung shared a page link on online network  for Samsung users . that was live digital painting creation format page . there Samsung was invited  to creative person for art creation on screen of mobile Samsung galaxy  note II or on online by web page . I were not went to show room of Samsung mobile but I were created two digital painting for Samsung . Actually by that art work activity Samsung was  wanted  to create a real world record of Samsung followers  or users in our world . it was nice concept for record design  through the art work collection,  in my direct word by creativity . so as a art master I were liked that concept of Samsung and then I were created two digital paintings  .

In one digital painting  I were created a simple visual with our INDIAN national flag  and in second painting I were created our national bird peacock .that painting was created direct on web  page of Samsung with title  the incredible art –piece . When I were submitted to that art work , in same time samsung was gave me certificate of that  art participation  with thanks  words  about world record project contribution .

For me that digital painting was a first experience about live digital painting on a web page for a big project like world record type. So I were very surprising  from Samsung and after my art creation work in digital format. When I were created  image of peacock  in that movement I were faced some technical limitation on Samsung  web page but I could not changed to that digital painting format so that was a live art challenge for me,  but I did that as a fun of art.

Digital Painting for Samsung Galaxy Note II by Myself  
I were noticed Samsung team was provided  a creative format on hand set  for use of time in free time by creativity . it is connecting to people to art by technical path . it mean Samsung know creativity is must  for refreshment of mind and art activity can give refreshment by manual exercise .so they have created digital painting format for Samsung galaxy note II hand set of mobile. They know technical tool can make easy way for communication but there is no refreshment without manual exercise. So they were added to digital painting format in hand set . it is artistic step by Samsung so I were created two digital painting for Samsung .

I know world record news was just a surprising action but by that news Samsung was wanted  to joined to all mobile hand set users of our world art family. World record name was clicking to mobile  users mind so I think users were  worked for Samsung with full art dedication , in that art dedication case Samsung team was gave art exercise to users and in result Samsung was   collected many creative visuals of visual art from users through the incredible art – piece digital painting format . 

May be that all creative digital painting swill make a real world record for Samsung, very soon. But in my view Samsung was gave a new concept to world for creativity or that’s exercise by advance communication hand set tool . it is a recordable art action of Samsung . I have noticed as a art master so I am saying it .because I  were liked that  advance art action for visual art promotion so I were created two digital painting for Samsung  Galaxy note II…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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