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Art Vibration - 172


Sunset photography by yogendra kumar purohit

Yes light is a base of our earth life , light is a true energy , light is a power of  visuals , light is a key of this universe .no light it mean  dark shadow . In Indian or others Mythology also explained to power of god in light  and light is coming on our earth from  Sun so sun was our first god  for earth life . In Egypt culture they were said God is  Sun. they were created some scientific element for collect to  sun light . Pyramid is a big example of that light collection element of Egypt.

 In my art history I have read  to Egypt like a art subject chapter . In Hindu or Muslim or in English mythology also follow to light concept for god power.

Life Shadow on earth photography by  yogendra kumar purohit
But my religion is art . after Egypt,  art is living to this god of light. For art ,light is a very first medium for creation or that creation visit. Art need all time light for know to sense of color and that’s tones. In art , art  philosophers and art critics were not added to white and black color in list of colors . but they were accepted without light and shadow we can’t observe to color tones . so white and black color is must for color tones . its theory of color philosophy  in field of art.

Life Shadow on earth photography by  yogendra kumar purohit
In art filed after work of painting or sculpture creation  a great art master Leonardo Da vinci was created a new concept by  his science or art philosophy . he was used to light for visual creation without painting  about  real image look . yes he was created a design of camera , today in words that’s definition is writing by light .

Life Shadow on earth photography by  yogendra kumar purohit
Leonardo was observed the base of art and the key of art that is light . so he was planed direct writing and painting by light so camera concept was came in his vision and today that is very advance visual creator tool in our world we know about it and we are using it every day in our daily life.  

Shedow of Kid Lag on earth photography by
yogendra  kumar purohit
 Kind  your information . I have this  tool of writing  to light a Digital camera . so I am also busy in writing to light ,past to today in my art journey . in this writing to light work , I were shoot many visuals in my past years and in that shoot work some movement  I were shoot to shadow by writing to light tool . I shoot to dark shadow by light capture tool camera.

When I were in desert of Rasjasthan , in that movement I were moving on dessert dooms ,some time up and some time down there  I were shoot many visual of light and shadows  . in that movement I were captured some shadow visuals of  Life , that shadows was on earth . and that was giving me some poetic feeling because that shadow was getting some long view because sun light was coming from west side before sunset time . that shadow  was giving me sense of  sleep  on earth by time indication of life shadow .

 I were shoot to that shadow motion from writing to light tool , that writing of light was a poetry think about evening life on earth. Here in visuals  you will see to that poetic sound of earth life by light and shadow . for me  that visuals was  complete painting, writing , photography, poetry, story and musical song , I were wrote that by writing to light tool .

There that shadow was pulling my sensors  for observed to that shadow impression  for work of art , you can say that time light the god of true art was created that meaningful shadows visual  for my art education like a blessing of god or like a guide line of god as a art teacher. I were followed to that instruction of light in form of life shadow’s. and  today that visuals is in form of art work in field of art or for  your visit too.

So I said light and shadow on earth…

Sunset motion in sky photography by yogendra  kumar purohit

 Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA 

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