Friday, August 02, 2013

Art Vibration - 167


I draw if in year 2009 in a primary school  , after draw i were shoot it as a art documentation of myself art journey
Black board was  my first canvas for this true art journey . In my schooling time  in free period of class and in half time of our school and after off of school study . I were used to that first canvas of my art journey. When my teacher leaved class in that movement  I were collected small pieces of white chock  and  I were started drawing on my class black board.  when I were drawing in that movement I were enjoying to myself inner art sound . but that time I were not knew about my present art condition .that art enjoyment was gave me this present of  today. its fact  of this art journey of myself .

I remember my first drawing on black board of my school . I were in fourth class . when I were drawing on black board my class teacher was visited me and then she was gave me a chance  for participation  in a art competition . that first black board drawing  was gave me a child art  competition chance .i were collected paper and color from my School . kind  your information my primary school was GOVT. SCHOOL .Hindi Medium. There English was not in our education system . ha  by that drawing I were participated in GOVT. of RAJASTHAN  child art competition as a child artist . so I can say my art journey was started by first art competition of GOVT. of RAJASTHAN , school kids Art competition .

After fifth class I came in privet school . but there black board was waiting for me just like my past school . I were drawing on class black board for  self enjoyment . in that new school I were got some offers from my teachers for decoration to our S.U.P. W. camp. My friends were always demanded to me something new drawing on black board. In our our class room always live very well decorated with fine drawing on black board. Some teachers were promoted  to my art sound in our S.U.P.W. camp. They were gave me full freedom in our camp time or as a artist I were lived to that movement with proud feeling because all were demanded to me and my drawing line on black board.

After 10th class I were joined to my aim Fine art was and after that school I were not seen black board in my art education. In our art collage we were  got drawing board and that board was not gave us freedom for use to  any black board .i saw one black board in my  art collage there theory class was running for art education but I were not joining to much more my theory class .because I were knew practical work registration is theory in field of art .ha

After art master’s  education  one day once again I were draw on a black board of a primary school . it was in my street of historical family building . actually I were invited there for a family function . that was in a school building . I saw a big size black board and some kids of our family . I saw kids were moving here and there and making some disturbance in work of family person’s . so I were taken a art action by me . I asked to kids who know drawing and who can draw on black board . after listen my question all kids came near myself. I were gave to kids white chock piece and said you all will draw one by one , we all see who is good drawing master.

They all kids were try one by one for drawing on black board . in that activity of drawing they were forgot to noise and play . because they were got busy in art play without noise . there on a one black board we were passed two hours with peaceful activity  and in last when all were draw drawing on that black board . a one kid asked to me. can  you draw or are you know drawing ? I said yes but I can’t draw fine drawing just like  you because  you are true and pure artist in this age. They were not understood my words . so I were once again touched to school black board and then I were draw a drawing for kids fun or for myself enjoyment of drawing or to my first canvas black board . so I said it drawing on school black board.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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