Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 191


Friends today we all Indian are celebrating to festival of Krishan janashtami a birthday of lord Krishana. In my city many installation artist and child artists are busy in presentation of installation art with concept of lord krishana . in my childhood age I were started this installation art presentation from myself art exercise and I were installing continue 20 years and I were got two time merit award for my art installation . by that art installation  today my colony and that’s all kids are knowing me as a artist of Krishn jhanki  installer . After 2003 I were got busy in serious art  study so I were stop to installation presentation by me on janmashatmi day. But my colony kids are following to that art installation and some art design of myself for self art installation as a concept . I think it is my art income by way of art. It can not save in bank account but it is save in my art vision. So thanks to all kids of my  Bangla Nagar ,colony .

I am thankful for my art time because that is give me this creative way for next artist of our society. In family or in my colony many kids,  in art language child artist are busy in installation  art work about Krishan Jhanki .

But today   I am remembering  my year 2007 I were in Mumbai for a art exhibition . there in September month  people are enjoying to festival of Govinda its second name of Lord Krishana . there they are not installing any installation of art about Lord Krishana . there they are celebrate to that festival like a live play or performance by group activity with traditional and cultural folk dance.

There I were noticed in any street of Mumbai  some folk cultural societies  were  fixed a pot of batter on a good height . there some registered group can play that Govinda festival . many group can try for brake to that pot of batter by creation of human  pyramid .

That folk activity is very risky but they are playing with full fun . there I were noticed  they were played by color s of holy , they were moving in group ( toil ) ,When I were watching to a  pot of batter that was hanged on very up  height . so I were started photography of that batter pot and then group of GOVINDA . there I were shoot them like a photo story . step by step start to end of that batter pot by Group of Govinda .

There I were saw very first time live human pyramid creation and that’s right way for achieve to aim . that aim was batter pot of height. Some folk musician were created folk ,music  on drum and on Manjira  with sound Govinda Aala re Aala , Govinda ..that sound and music was promoted and motivated to that Govinda group . in that  passion of Achievement of batter pot  they were taken full risk in design of human pyramid . I saw a group was tried but on last movement a one person missed grip on other group member in that movement they were got down like a play card .but they were taken same risk again with more confidence with more strong sound and grip on pyramid design of human. In second time  they were designed  more strong human  pyramid and finally they were  broken to batter pot and then starts folk dance presentation that was victory presentation of that Govinda group for that street . there I saw art, culture, unity , risk, confidence and passion of victory . In  that movement I were saw they all Govinda group was busy in a one thing how to brake to hanged butter pot like lord Krishana. There some society was  giving some prize to winner of Govinda it is culture of Mumbai Govinda festival .

 But for me that was a live performance of art and culture by a group with full risk . so I were shoot that live movement as a visual story for my art documentation  and here I am sharing with  you for  your visit that live visual story  movement as a art and culture environment of our Nation with sound of lord Krishana life. So here today I am remembering  that visual story movement of my past on birthday of Lord krishan and  here I said to that Story of Govinda festival from Mumbai …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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