Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Art Vibration - 178


Photography by yogendra kumar purohit

Peace is a word of our soul. Every soul need peace in this world environment by natural way And natural way is feeling full love, respect, regards, or importance to others feelings . this message was gave to human life their late human in simple words our late seniors . they were told about it I mean about peace by talk of religions . we know all religions is designing to life for soul peace but time and practical condition is pulling our peace condition .why ?  we know all about it but we are handicapped in this uncontrolled contemporary condition, because its want a real big change with very big patience , may be time will change it .

Photography by yogendra kumar purohit

I can say it because in history a one Man was done it by his big patience . we are calling to him MAHATMA BHUDHA, he was changed vision of people  for real peace by his self study on peace subject , he was got real definition of peace after 15th years journey by different views or struggle , he was king but he was lived  like a common man of society and he was moved alone on land of earth for search of peace. Today  His research is convert  in BODH religions , you can say he was created a new contemporary peace definition in his life time for real peace of society .

Photography by yogendra kumar purohit
His research definition of peace was not a magic that was simple way for think about others and care to others if  you can. He did got many peace need people as a follower but he was not said to them for follow me ,  but his peace definition was giving real soul peace to people so he was got many followers. I can say he was got a peace creator army , there no bom no gun no blood no death no kill and win system . there only love communication system by way of peace full nature ,that can design in us by deep patience.

Photography by yogendra kumar purohit

Today we know many Asian countries are completely committed for follow to his peace of soul way by BODH religion. Here I can share some countries name for  your knowledge , Japan, China , Koria, Tibat, Thailand and some more countries, in India many follower is following to this BOUDH religion and they are getting peace. After Budha , Today Dalailama is working for real world peace , he is completely busy   in peace creation work by way of BODH Reeligion.

Photography by yogendra kumar purohit

Here I have shared some words about peace creation by religion steps. But real peace can come by art ,it is true. I can say it because art is my real religion , I told it all time to societyin past and I am saying it today to all , because art is giving me peace of soul . Its example again from BODH Religion, today Ajanta cave art is a world wonder monuments . Bodh religion was followed to art for peace creation message or that’s communication with society. They were followed and created a right way for peace design , they were knew how to educate  to society  about peace creation , they were know how to teach to  society by way of peace so they were selected to art and art performance in mid of society.
It was very impressive peaceful action for peace creation And they were got success .  today that’s example is Japan Koria m,Thailand and china , this countries are completely follower of peace full religion BODH Religion.

Photography by yogendra kumar purohit

I were observed it in my art education of  Indian  art history, I have read to MAHATMA GOTAM BHUDH ,in my social study, and after art education I were saw live example of this peace creation system by a art performance .i were in Jaipur at Jawahar Kala Kendra , there I saw a festival of performing art by Virasat Art Foundation of JAIPUR.

They were organized a theater art performance for viewers , I were saw that live performance in theater of JKK. That was play of BHUDA .I think that play was performed by China theater Artists. But I am not sure..?

I were shoot to that as a art master or a history reader, I were not understood to that play word language but I were observed to right meaning of acting or that’s play message . that was on life of Bhudha and performance visuals were looking like painting of Ajanta cave , because that play was performed in colorful  light impression .so I got some fine visuals from that play with message of  real peace. Here I am going to share that play visuals for  your vision peace , I sure  you will feel some real peace by visual of performance of peace…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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