Friday, August 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 186


Fun of  Art Exercise with image of  Starbuzz magazine or Myself  
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..sorry I am laughing before start to this fun of art . actually it was a funny art activity by me so I am laughing  on this motion and here on writing time laugh is coming naturally ..ha ha..what I do ?
I think it was year 2008 – 09 , I were connected  to Facebook online network and on facebook I were connected to lots of people and society of art and social media.
In that case I were connected to writer, poet and painter senior lady Meena Chopra ji . she is connect with print media section that’s name is Starbuzz. So I were connected to that Starbuzz media page on facebook . one day I were saw a image on facebook  page of starbuzz . in that picture  I saw cine actress  Rani Mukharji was promoting  to starbuzz magazine by herself . a copy of starbuzz magazine was in her hand,  on main page of Starbuzz magazine I saw a big picture of a film star but today I have forget his name so sorry to him,
When i saw that promotional art action , my creative  mind was  created A IDEA  for art fun .  I were collected that image and then started a art exercise with my profile image of facebook page.  You can say it was hope of past and it was a art fun . but that was true by my art sound and I were gave full respect to my art idea .
 When I were created that final image I were shared very first with Starbuzz  with  true  concept of my art fun creation . I said I have created just fun but I will not update it on my facebook page before  your publication so tell me can  you  publish it or not its just a art fun.
Kind  your information Starbuzz team was liked my art exercise and fun of art.but they were not published me on main page of Starbuzz. So I were not shared  that art image of fun of art.
After that I were shared that image with Writer , painter and poet Meena ji  and then with Actress Rani Mukharji on facebook. Artist cum writer Meena ji was liked and told me good fun  in  her reply . but Actress Rani Mukharji was not reply to me about that fun of art.
Last few months to I am not connect with Starbuzz like a artist friend because starbuzz team have converted facebook page like a fan page so I can link to updates and I can share my views in message box  but I can’t see live update of every movement   of starbuzz just like past or as a artist friend  . so here no fun with starbuzz. Today . ha ha
On this blog  I want to share with you a true idea and that’s exercise for true respect to art by me . I were not thought  what is right and what is wrong but I were created a self idea and that’s critical art design like a campaign of starbuzz magazine . As a true artist I were shared with team of starbuzz magazine as a transparency  of visual art and that’s communication . it was art fun so I were enjoyed to creation exercise and that’s result but I have not used  to that fun of art image for my any publicity because I were knew it was a fun of art and exercise with digital art tool. but  here I am sharing with  you that true art fun image  for  your visit , I sure after visit this true fun of art  you will not stop  your laugh like ha ha ha ha ha ha .  
Am I right  or not ? tell me  because I know it is fun of art….!

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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