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Art Vibration - 190


International  writer talking on literature Stage of  JLF -2010
24-01-2010, I were in Jaipur for meet to my very close and very first   junior friend Mr. Apoorv Sharma . he was came from London after his master of Art education. And I were not met to him to last 4 years before 2010 . so I were went Jaipur from Bikaner.

When I were stand on road of  Jaipur I were called  to Artist Apoorv for meet then he was told me we will meet at event of  Jaipur Literature  festival at Diggi palace Hotel . I were went there direct for meet to my first junior friend .

Religion writer in JLF - 2010 
When I were entered  in that literature festival , I were saw many lover of literature in that Diggi palace hotel . my friend was not came there on right time so I were waiting of him and in that case I were visited that festival and that’s right meaning for peoples . I saw many stalls were  installed there from print media and they were giving news paper to guests of that festival for reading . I were collected a news paper of TIMES OF INDIA and started to reading of  art page in that case a KULAD TEA distributer and tea maker was gave me one cup kulad tea . I were enjoyed that very traditional kulad tea with news paper reading work. That was artistic and cultural movement of my visit. So thanks to Diggi palace Hotel.

A Sketch i were observed in JLF. 2010
But waiting  time and my inner sense need meeting to my junior Apoorv and he was not there.  So in that puzzle condition  I were taken  some visuals from my camera and I got some very memorable visuals of that live literature festival.

There I were observed to art , photography , writing and talk on literature or that’s contemporary condition. There I were visited a live exhibition of press photographers . I saw some book stalls and some folk singer and dancers art performance . that was a live fair of art and literature for me . in that live literature activity I were shoot to our forest minister and art master Msr. Bina Kak  ( online artist friend ) she was listing  to literature talk as a common listener . on stage of literature talk I were saw to great writer cum critic Shobha de ( online friend ) I were shoot her many action of literature talk presentation and I were listen her words about contemporary literature and that’s publication.  After that I were saw to some press photographer friends so I were shoot to them as a photographer friend for my art documentation. There I saw press photographer Suman Sarkar , Yogendra Gupta  , Himanshu Vyas  and some more press photographers , they were knew me because in Jaipur I were done press photography job  for two month and in that two month they were knew me and my art action in press photography.

Writer cum Critic Shobha De  Busy in talk on stage of Jaipur  Literature festival -2010

When I were busy in photography work in that case my junior friend Apoorv Sharma came near myself and he was huge me very tit  . his eyes was wet by tears but his face was in smile or in happiness motion after meet to me . I were changed his mood by my photography work visuals and then he was shared some line of a English book because he was buy that good  book from  that literature festival .

Press Photographer Suman Sarkar..in JLF- 2010
 After some time I were got hungry . there I saw lots of food but that was for invited guest . so I were not taken  that food . I said to my junior I am feeling hungry  but I will eat food outside of this place . he said yes its not for us. For food brake we came out,  outside of that festival place and went on a small hotel ( DHABA ) that was near SMS hospital Jaipur .

 After food eaten  work we came back and enjoyed to that literature festival with our art and critical talk . that was very true and live motion of my life I were lived  to myself with my first junior friend. There we were moving on book stalls in that case we saw  a sketch by  a green boll pen . so I were shoot that and Apoorv started art talk on that sketch matter . art talk is in his blood because he is Grandson of our  late great art master Shri  Devki Nandan Sharma ji .

Forest Minister  Cum art Master  Bina Kak  In jaipur Literature festival - 2010.

Over all we were shared our two hours by our meeting to Jaipur literature festival and there I were observed  to literature , photography , art and culture with taste of Kulad tea. So  here I said a visit of Jaipur literature festival ...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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