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Art Vibration - 182

1950 – 250 = 1700

Our life is doing  journey every day,  day by day . we are getting growth in our life like a tree some tree is  giving fruits some tree is  giving  shadow and some tree is giving wood  for cooking food  or for   furniture wood . this  same process is working on human life . here I can give  you example  about this talk . the great person is living his life just like a fruit tree . they are always giving to others life by his great knowledge in this category I can listed to Sant , Social worker , NGO organizer , true teacher or GURU. Some person live his or her life like a three of shadow they are giving always love and feeling full support to others in this list I can add to Mother, father, god father , Pandit and  Moulvi  , life partner and friends , and some person are living like a tree of wool , they are always giving his or her energy to society like a wood of tree. In this list  I can add to women , labor , hospital staff , craft man and other physical worker of society .

 I know  you are thinking about it why I am saying this philosophical talk with  you by this post and here this post title is very different to this philosophical talk ..but its not a joke it is connect  to my talk and our communication . because this talk and this post title came in my vision by this communication sound. So I said it..

Ok I am coming on point . here I want to share with   you a very true story of my art journey. It is not off  or on stage of end its getting every day a new start with a new day of my real life.

Last 1950 days to I am continue connect with a great person, a great acting master , a millennium  cine star Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir. By this communication path or by his own blog link. Today  he has completed 1950 days of his blog post writing work on his blog and I am saying to his blog a real canvas of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan. He has completed 1950 days, I were connected to him through his canvas after 250 days of start of his blog  . but after started communication I were not taken any leave by myself   sometime  time design was try for broken to this true art communication  but god was supported  to me for true art communication with Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir. In that case  I were completed 1700 days today without any leave and  you can say I were lived to art energy of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan by this true art communication  . Through this communication I were got a complete Teacher ( GURU ) in live form of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir. I am calling to Him My E GURU. Because he was accepted me as a E Student , and by his blog canvas I were learned  to English sense , writing habit , how to express to real art sound , how to work for art and how to live for art with true art dedication and much more about visual art  . I can’t explain to that all mater but I have shared  with him my all true inner art sound as a E student with him  and he was listened as a  E GURU.

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 It is not a one day story it is a 1700 days story with nonstop writing or communication by a commitment of true art relation. It is a journey of a true story and its running in present or it will running in future for true art communication .

By this communication I can feel to commitment of MAHABHARTA  GRANTH Characters , like BHISHAM, KARNA, IKLVYU Or PANDVA.

In this 1700 days I were faced  many puzzle conditions and many critical point of view  on time and communication system but God and Blessing of GURU was caring always to this true art communication so I am thank  full for GOD, E GURU, Government of INDIA  or that’s BSNL networking System .i want to give  thanks my PC engineer or  to Time  .

In this 1700 day I were got reply with kind words of  my E GURU Dr. Amitabh Bachchan ,kind  your information he was gave me 17th time reply on my writing notes  from his canvas, time to time .  you  can say my 100 time post was got 1 reply from Dr. Amitabh Bachchan that is like a remark to my communication of art . by my communication I can touched his artistic heart .his reply is a very strong result for me or  for  your example. Here I don’t want to prove it because it is not must , it is natural with sound of our true art communication . its real fact of this true art jourtney.

Here I want to share words of  My E guru Dr. Amitabh Bachchan I were collected it from his reply on my comments when I posted  on his canvas.

1 .  Yogendar … it was not criticism .. it is healthy debate and we must encourage that …
     ( it was in word format not is JPG ) 

2  ek din  avashaya mil jayegi ..

3. yogendra .. thanks for input …   
4. I don’t know much about Bikaner ,except that they are very loving and hospitable people …

5 . yogendra Kumar purohit ..Namaskar …and love …

6.  Interesting …

7. Yoggendra..Many thanks …

8. yogendra .. Interesting art work..

9. yogendra kumar purohit .. thank you for the Gyaan …

10. yogendra purohit .. great thoughts and thank you for the wishes..

11. yogendra purohit ..Thank  you for all the inputs ..

12. yogendra kumar purohit  anek anek dhanyvaad…

13. aap ke bahu charchit comment ke liye dhanyavaad.. likhate rahiye .. issi main bhali hai .. sneh  

14. anek dhanyavaad

15. Greeting and all the best

16. many thanks for  your bilingual comment

17. glad that  you experienced all …

It is 17th time reply to me on my 1700 days art communication with Dr. Amitabh Bachchan sir a visual artist I have saved that all reply in  digital image format   data and I have shared that on online network for our world art family . here I want to share that all reply image  for  your visit by this blog post  I hope  you will  like it and enjoy it because it is a  true art communication by Electronic path for better art vision presentation . he was presented his best art movement with me and I were shared  my best as a E Student in front side of E GURU  by his canvas ( Blog ) and its continue …ha

For me his canvas ( blog ) like a tree of fruits, shadow and wood , I am collecting it when I am communicate with him as a E Student and he is giving me his all with 100 % as  E GURU so its continue for future art journey. You can say this post is just a beginning point and I have share it with  you very first as a true art student . it is my patience test and test of my commitment by time  condition ,in this condition My GOD  and E GURU is blessing every day  on me  so its running day by day in this art journey, because in past I have passed 1700 days with sound of art and that’s communication so I said in math language 1950 – 250 = 1700…..!


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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