Thursday, January 11, 2018

Art Vibration - 483

Big Thanks To  Our Former M.P. Shri Dharmendra  Ji …

Friends Some time we are surprise to a very kind work , kind person in our life . yesterday I felt it , I surprised when I visited to our Ravindra Rang Manch of Bikaner After that’s completeness . 

I saw very fine traditional wall paintings on inside wall of that Ravindra Rang Manch . I surprised because I visited some paintings on same walls of  our wall paintings in  Ravindra Rang Manch . 

 Kind  your information in year 2009 I visited that incomplete or pending work of Ravindra Rang Manch , I noticed many ruff text ( Sex Text and drawing ( Toilet painting )  was on that walls. I felt pain after saw that critical condition of our Ravindra Rang Manch , I felt sad  it was a live insult of Nobel Prize Winner Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur . Because Ravindra Rang Manch , Ravindra Bhawan or some more same name  structure or that’s concept is related to Name Of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur .

Wall Painting workshop At Ravindra Rang manch year 2009
 In same time the holi Festival ( festival Of Color ) was coming in month March of 2009 , so I designed a painting workshop on that incomplete Structure of Ravindra Rang Manch. I invited some youth Artists of  My City ( their name or that’s live story I have shared on this blog post so here that full story I will not rewrite , please check in past post ) we did selected  walls and painted white wash on that toilet paintings or text . 

Ravindra Rang Manch under construction year 2013

We started wall painting by image of GANPATI  on out side wall or after that  we painted some inner walls of our incomplete Ravindra Rang Manchin  . Bikaner city media was noticed or  published our art activity in positive angle . 

After that workshop I shared some report type mail to our M.P. Sir Dharmendra ji . by luck Sir Dharmendra ji noticed to my mail and he  passed a order for work on our incomplete Ravindra Rang Manch . he invited  some engineers from Hariyana  on short notice . The Engineers were passed to that incomplete Structure of Ravindra Rang Manch and I saw with in six months  there construction work was on for complete to that building . it was great art action by a great cine art artist Sir  Dharmendra  Ji .. 

I saw  in that Movement , our M.P. is living to theater art /Acting art or he know the tens of theater of Bikaner . Ravindra Rang Manch got completeness after 25 years but by interest of Sir Dharmendra Ji  it can get right form as a Ravindra Rang Manch . so I am very thankful for him . 

Former M.P. Of Bikaner  Cine Star  Sir Dharmnedra  Ji

One Name is  Missing in this Shila Lekh of Ravindra Rang Manch ..i Noticed in year 2018

Yesterday when I was visiting to traditional paintings on walls of Ravindra Rang Manch  my mind was recalling to me a live or true story of  my past work , I did that for completeness of Ravindra Rang Manch or a real artist cum M.P. Sir Dharmendra ji  noticed that and taken a right action for that’s completeness . 

 My painting workshop was a simple art indication  by art work . or a senior Artist cum M.P. Sir Dharmendra ji noticed that art indication or started work from His art sense . 

Traditional wall Painting ...

Report of wall paintings charges ...2018

Myself  At Ravindra Rang Manch  2018 ...
the engineers were noticed to my paintings or that’s angle  so in final decoration of our Ravindra Rang Manch they used to traditional wall painters , they painters were   decorated to walls by traditional  Wall paintings. They selected same walls of our paintings it was more surprising movement for me when I visited to our Ravindra Rang Manch yesterday . I felt fully happy and giving thanks to our Former M.P. Sir Dharmendra  Ji .
so here I said about it , big thanks  to our Former M.P. shri Dharmendra  Ji ..

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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