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Art Vibration - 161


wood Fire before  performance of  Soul Fire Dance of Nath Sampraday society.

What is art ? this is a question to self or question to history writer’s  . yes it is a question to our  world too.  In my view after study on time I can say art is a language of inner sound . by this language our hidden inner sound can come out very easily . in this language medium is our sensors and that’s activity . it can sound , dance, craft and some more medium s  .its depend on performer what he or she will adopt for this language presentation . so in my view art is a language of inner sound .

Second question is . what is fire ? in simple word every one can say fire is medium of burn. Fire is on sun .but in philosophical view fire is something different its not only work for  burn . Philosophical fire word is a definition of soul power its connected to human life and that’s  aim . this philosophical fire we can see in crazy person , in passion of  dedicated person ,  in soldier fight, in sportsman spirit over all we can say a committed person have this philosophical  fire in his  or her self.

A burn charcoal in mouth of Fire dance performer 

I know  you are thinking here why I am telling on art and fire definition with that’s different  views ? it is a another question for me after this two paragraphs . so my friends I want to tell  you a right example of this art & fire subject . I were observed it from a very old historical cultural folk dance . there I saw art and fire or that’s real definition.

I were saw that folk cultural performance very first in year 1998, in village Katriyasar , Bikaner  . I were in B.F.A painting education  in that time . I were went alone to that village for observed  to live performance of fire dance . A cast NATH SAMPRADAY ( Society ) was  performing that  and they were  saying God gave us this  fire dance art as a blessing . there in village Katriyasar they have temple of that God DEVI MAA. There they performers were said to me no one can this performance After Nath Sampraday or without blessing of DEVI MAA.

Performers of fire Dance 

Nath Families man’s are  perform that fire dance in winter time on birthday of Devi MAA ( Shakti ) ( Symbol of Fire ) .that evening I were completely observed to that live performance  as a visual artist or as a art observer . in three step they were completed  to that performance . in first step prayer to  god with folk dance that was  own created dance style by Nath Sampraday .  I were not seen that  same dance in other community after Nath Samprday. They were dancing on music that was also different to other folk music . that  performance was  not for enjoyment that’s for prayer . after prayer dance performers  were taking small  burn charcoal in hand and then in his mouth . there women’s were  not permitted . in third step they were performed  to dance on fire . but they were not got burn condition on feet they were  saying god is blessing on us when we perform it. ( God Is Great )

Prayer by Folk Song  before Performance  of fire Dance 

It is a right logic of  Nat  Samprday  performers  . but in my view they all performer s are  going deep unconsciousness there they are create soul fire .  that fire make them crazy for performance and in that crazy performance they are forget to his self because they are follow to self inner fire . that inner fire come out by language of folk dance ,folk music and folk song ( BHAJAN )  .

They all performers  were  going for  put out his self inner fire , in that performance motion they were  not lived  to his self , they were lived  to his inner sound and expressing by his body performance . we are saying to that fire dance . actually that is a live and direct art presentation of expression by a traditional style .some experts and practiced person can do that very finely . because they know  how to put out inner fire by fire dance in front side of god  . they know that fire dance is a language of them for prayer to God ( SHAKTI ) they are show  trust on god in that trust fire.  they can dance on wood fire that wood fire can’t burn to them because they have very big fire in his self or that fire get cool by body activity and when they complete  all kind of activity of body then they get cool in side by his self . today we are saying to that fire full activity  or a art performance but actually that is a language or presentation  of inner fire.

Performers of fire Dance 

In 2008 when I were visiting to camel festival that time  there NATH  SAMPRADAY Society members were performed a live fire dance . that was in same process three step one by one and in last fire was  converted  in cool wood dust . there I were shoot to that  performance as a visual documentation by my camera. I did got some visuals  like paintings some visuals like theater art and that was a live street performance of  folk art . I were focused on fire I were noticed there two fire one was visible or second was invisible . one wood fire could saw  every one there, and second  invisible fire   I were  observing through  performance  of  Nath Samprday persons ( Art )  . here visual will prove it for  your vision. Because there I were observed to  art and fire .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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