Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Vibration - 150


I used Logo in Design for mural painting of market face wall 
Copy is copy , we know about this definition , copy is a work of follower, when they are follow to creator . creation want very fresh vision about creation but copy work can possible in any condition . creation need complete dedication but copy need only material for copy from creator. Creator can’t copy and copy worker can’t create its Universal truth .

Here i am going to share  with  you a true story of creator and copy worker. One day I were received a phone call from a market owner of Bikaner . he was designing to his new market by color and some art work . but his market name was copy of a other  famous market of  Jaipur city . his market name is GANPATI PLAZA . its direct copy of a big market . so in first impression he was gave me his self image like a  copy worker .he could not selected any new name for his own market . but he did copy and a copy worker was called  to a creator  that was me.

After received his call I were went to his market and met to him in his office . he told me I want a mural painting design  for my market face wall. He told me , on face wall of my market  you will see a 16 X 16 th fits round shape , that is empty space so I want a good mural painting design from you . can  you create for my market ?  I said yes I will create for your market. Notice it a copy worker  was asked  to me about creation..that was critical joke. That was  my first big wall mural painting project . that was came  in my hand from a copy worker ..haha..

I were taken that project like a art exercise or for self confidence . I were used advance process for that art work design . I were used photography , computer editing work or myself  handmade drawing .I were shoot  photo image of face wall of that market for natural look of my creation  . I were created some drawing by pencil on paper and then I were mixed that art exercise  on my computer by editing  work , for color I were used photoshop software .over all I were created  ten designs for that big  wall mural painting .

After one week I were  called to that market owner  and went to his  market for next talk on mural painting project . he was in his office and I were presented  my creation design in digital format .that was photo print . After saw my design he said nice but in next movement . he was changed  his talking way .first he asked to me how to  you create it ? when  you shoot my market face wall picture ? or why it is in print  format where is  your hand made design ?

Few pencil drawing for big mural painting 
 I were reply to him, sir I am creator , I know what I present and how to,  because I have learned  it in my art education .here in this design  you can see the final look with my creative idea or design so talk on it forget how to and which kind of medium to I were created it . that is not  your tens matter. That was my exercise . this final layout is your mural painting .i have created  10 visuals  for  your selection so  you plan for selection of one . after selection of  yours , we will  talk on  its transformation on big space of  your market face wall.

He could not selected any design and told me  . I will talk to my architect so  you leave  your design here I will discuss with him , then i  reply to  you ,what design we will paint on wall. I said sorry I can’t leave my design here without  your selection of one. Then he said ok you come tomorrow I will invite to my architect and then we will final . next day I were went again for same work,  design selection but unconfident people can’t take a strong step in life. I saw his architect visiting my work process by printed design and after that he was watching my face. He asked same question to me how to  you give real look of face wall of our market . it is nice and looking real image .good work . so I were asked direct to architect  ok sir  you final one design for mural painting . but he said I can’t , because all are well or useful for mural painting  .after listen the words of architect that market owner was came in tens and he said to me  yogendra  you leave this design for our talk we will final one . I said in two days  you can’t final one design so how to  you will final in next meeting without my presence . sorry I can’t leave  my design here  for  you.

He was getting some smartness and said me I can pay to you  your print cost ..haha

10 different  type layout  for wall mural painting 

I said print cost is not important for me , here important is your final decision , here I am noticing you can’t  take final decision for a one mural painting , because  you are a copy worker , you are not knowing  definition of creation or that’s real condition .

I were leave his office and  came back at home . after that  day I were not try to contact to him , he was called to me two or three time but I were not reply to that market owner in my view copy worker . Kind  your information after 10 years , that market face wall is in same condition ..ha ..  But by that  time design I were created a project of  big mural painting .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of fine art
Bikaner, INDIA