Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Art Vibration - 138


Its 50,000 number tweet image , i were posted  to Sir Joel Comm ,  Designer of 

Year 2008, it was a very creative year  for me , I were changed to myself vision by very advance creative sound that creative sound was created in myself  my struggle time . I were converted  to my mind for study of technology . About art communication on international level . so I were adopted online communication tool that was internet connection or computer . I am thankful very first  for our GOVT. Of INDIA and that’s strong communication service by BSNL Net Connection and electricity board Jodhpur  PVT.LTD. , Rajasthan , INDIA . We know electricity do on to Computer and net connection is giving connectivity to world .

Before  year 2008 , I were living in a very limited art space that’s network was very limited or there I were not used any fast communication tool after phone call..but when I were came on this advance tool of communication I were got a very big art space for my art vision . I were got a very free expression medium by myself   for  my free art sound . by this communication tool I could  shared my  art activity and that’s short news or  art presentation with best art critics or art experts of our world art family .

2008 to till 2013 , I am continue busy in myself expression by this  strong communication tool . In this six years  I have learned very much about advance technology , or fast communication for visual art. I have used  it  completely  for visual art promotion and that’s communication. In this six years I am using  to some very strong communication network  for me  .

I have registered on Facebook ,Linkedin,this of google, yahoo. Gamil, Rediffmail, Dr. Amitabh bachchan blog  and twitter . on this online communication networks I have connected with 20,000 something art societies and artists or art critics. In my vision art have no limitation but I have limitation for right acceptation of art. I can’t connect to everyone on this online art communication its  my art communication rule .  you can see in my link only  painter art lover, art collector , actor, director, writer, sculptor, singer, dancer, reporter, editor, engineer, Nasa Scientist  , thinker, networking programmer , great contemporary presidents of our world countries ,  social NGO ,art societies and art galleries too. I want to share name of all celebrities but i have time limitation and blog writing space limitation so sorry to all of  you.. :) 

You can say my art boundary is very big but in this boundary  you can see only art related connection. On online every day I am sharing my 8 to 10 hours after  my manual art work creation. This kind of art activity is continue  with me from year 2008. Every day by this communication way I am sharing  my daily art work by  update  and some critical art view  and reply to senior or junior artists  about art matter.

I have shared  my 1000 drawing work exercise by digital way with world art family from my studio.  You can say I am sited on desert doom and from that desert doom  to I am connecting to our world . I have a historical art record of this advance art communication in  my data record.

On twitter network every one have 140 texts message limit for one tweet .its teaching to all about talk in very short. This network is working very fast and its very easy for use in two click  you can share  your text  or link to others.

I am also live busy in this network .it’s a short talk  lesson class  for me . by this network I am communicate to 358 big celebrities  of our world . in that list you can see all great and active persons of our world and I am happy they are connect   with me .they are  noticing  my art sound by tweet to tweet .

2008 to till 2013 I have posted many tweet to all of them , in this twitter I were shared  my art work, some invitations of my international art exhibitions, some design works, some poetry 's , some critical art note s and my art vibration blog post link.

When I write a new post on my blog then I shared with my all twitter connection. It is taking time in post way of one by one. But this one by one tweet system is designing a right patience in myself for a dedicated art communication with full respect for connected respectable persons.

Page image of Joel  Comm, designer of 

Here I want  to share with  you a true tweeting record of myself , yesterday I were posted tweet number 50,000 on twitter , that was surprising movement  for  my art communication record and I am thankful for twitter team they have register tweet record on data of twitter. So I were posted  my 50,000 number tweet  to Designer of Twitter Mr.Joel Comm . he was started  it before six years.

Here on top  you can see a picture . in that picture  you can read  my tweet to Mr. Joel Comm.

On this blog post  I wanted to share  with  you my first tweet for  your reading but I did not found very easily my first tweet on twitter data , it was tuf  for me because here , on tweet data  you can go on first tweet from bottom tweet by reveres action and its taking lots of time , I were try but  in 10 minutes  I could got only 800 tweet by reveres action ,  but I did felt happy because my first tweet is register in data  of my twitter account . over all  a communication network was created  a very free space  for communication of art about my art journey or by this strong communication today I have posted 50,000 tweet for art communication.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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