Thursday, July 11, 2013

Art Vibration - 146


Royal  Photo Editing work for Royal Image of  late Maharja Karni Shingh Ji , Bikaner.
I were colored it from B & W  Photo Image. 
It was a sunday . I were reading biography of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji in my studio.That Biography writer is Dr. Rima Hooja , when I were reading to that biography book , I were saw many visuals  that was photographs of Maharaja karni Shingh ji , as a visual artist I were visualized to that B.& W  images in color form in my imagination, and I were thought what was that time and that’s color impression . that was surprising to  me in my imagination . it is true . by that biography of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji I were watched  a live journey of past Royal  time by text  of  Writer Dr .Rima Hooja.

In that book I were saw a picture of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji he was in teen age , and he was sited on a chair and his younger brother and sister was still near him . that was a group photo in soldiers dress . As a photography angel that was a perfect picture of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji  and  you can say that picture was inspired to me  for a royal work on that picture . I am saying royal because I were try for gave a real royal look to that picture from my art exercise .

I were planed about a color image  of  Maharaja  Karni shingh ji. So I were scanned to that picture by my studio scanner and converted that printed photo in digital format image.  I were opened to photoshop software on my pc screen and upload to that royal image of Maharaja Karni Shingh Ji .  in a one  week I were completed  royal editing work on that royal image . sunday to sunday in 8 days I were worked  on that picture step by step. Many time I were changed to edited part of that picture . I were edited that from my imagination so when I were editing  to that image in that movement I were imagining to royal time and that’s natural style of color and color combination or royal  dress. In photoshop software no any function for gold color but I were created gold color impression by editing work or by knowledge of color study. I were edited that image like a realistic painting you can feel when  you will see to that picture by this post .

That royal editing  work was my first big photo editing work   of B&W to Color conversion . it was self made challenge or it was interesting for me because I were trying to expressed  by editing work to real image or color of royal time of Maharaja Karni Shingh Ji .

I were filled Keshariya  ( Orange ) color in Paag ,that is royal Bikaneri keshariya Color . I were filled dark or sign full black color in boot of Maharaja  Karni Shingh ji or his sister or Brother Boot  too. I were filled belt color in belt and light green on background carton . I were filled golden color in chair of Maharaja karni Shingh ji .over all I were very conscious for that editing work because I were knew , I am working on a royal image it was my duty if I care to image or Royal Maharaja Karni Shingh ji as artist . so I were very conscious in that editing work .

But Story is not end here , I were got a good size print it was 12X18 inches and then gave a photo laminated frame  to that Royal Image . After updated  to a edited art work  I were called  to Trust of MAHARAJA  GANGA SHINGH  ji , I were informed to officer of that trust Mr. Daleep Shingh ji, I said I were created a colorful image of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji and I want to submit to your Trust Director  so give me permission . he was listened  my art request and then said ok you can come with  your art work , first I will see to your art work it will look fine then we will accept otherwise  no. I said ok sir . I will come as  soon as .

Title  Cover of biography of Maharja Karni Shingh Ji
Writer Rima Hooja .
After two days  I were went to office of Maharaja Ganga Shingh Trust , Lalghar fort ,Bikaner. there I were met to Daleep Shingh ji . he was visited and said in  Rajputani  Rajasthani   Language ( “ Are wah , oto  aap bot chokho banadiyo saa mane pasand aayi aap ri kalakari or umid karu Raj Mata Saheb ne bhi pasand aawela ,  ) he said about my art exercise , its nice work I like it and I hope Wife of Maharaja Karni  Shingh ji will like it . I were submitted  my royal art work in hand of real royal family  of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji . may be our Rajmata and daughter of Maharaja Karni Shingh Princess Rajayshree Kumari was visited that and liked that royal art work of myself .

That art work was a real respect to  Late Maharaja Karni Shingh ji from my artistic vision after read his very artistic biography .so here I am thankful for writer  Rina Hooja  and daughter of  Maharja Karni Shingh ji Princess Rajayshree kumari She was gifted me a biography copy for reading  to right royal image of Maharaja Karni Shingh ji and I were read that  then A royal art work was came out from myself  about Royal Image of  Maharja Karni Shingh ji so  I said Royal work on Royal image…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner., INDIA 


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