Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art Vibration - 151


Myself  at Nariman point of Mumbai , i am watching to Sunset of see and hearing a Song ,
It is true , I was shocked lots from our last exhibition of Manthan Art Group . you can say that exhibition was locked to our Manthan art Goup .hahaha ..  how to it was designed by time for us ,  here I want to share  with  you . I sure  you will feel to real shocked of that exhibition by my words. I am saying to that exhibition was “ shocking art show ” ..hahaha..

One day I were received  a letter from Mumbai . that was posted  Mr. Sunil Chohan  owner of Art land art gallery Mumbai . ( he was  a special shock from that art exhibition. Today  where he went and his art land  art gallery , I  don’t know  haha ) .

In that letter he was invited to us  for  a art exhibition. His  letter was  came at my home address . so I were informed  to my Jaipur friends or to our Manthan Group members . we were four member in that art group , Art Master Sohan Shingh Sakhar, Artist Sanajy Varma and Ar. Cum, artist Koushal Choudhary . they were interested for exhibition at art land gallery. After group decision we were talked to Gallery Owner . he was told to us  about his new gallery or about exhibition publicity or art visitors .he was taken full guaranty for media coverage or art collectors . so we were fixed our exhibition . he told to us about his new gallery   . that was in Sanmukhnanda hall of Mumbai , kind  your information this auditorium is a largest auditorium of Asia . so we were surprising by his information . but as a serious artist or member of my art group I were told to my friends or group members.  it is very must we should visit to that gallery before our art exhibition. My friends was came in over confidence or we were needed a art exhibition in Mumbai for our  art activity.

So here to shocking story was started for me . first shock I were felt on Mumbai railway station .  A luggage inspector was not permitted  to us for gate pass about our art work luggage . he was taken extra charge after luggage payment . he was taken one thousand extra charge on us . we were pay because we could not leaved  to our art work there for one or two days . so that was first shock for  me .

After station we were transported our art work and we went to Sanmukhnanda hall . we were saw to location of that area that was very nice and impressive . but when we were visited gallery location I were got one more shock that was second shock . because art land gallery was on second flour . that gallery was created by free space of that hall . smart idea for use of space but that gallery space was blocked to our Manthan exhibition space in  contemporary art of INDIA. Ha

I were told again  to my friends,  I said you ,  we should visit to it before  exhibition  . but we had taken a big risk so we were lived that . In seven days we were got a other shocking result . we were noticed only three visitors were  came in our gallery . first Mr. Sunil Chohan gallery owner, second his staff member and third was manger of Sanmukhnanda hall .

Mr. Sunil Chohan was gave me a one more shock , that was from media subject , in seven day we were not read any one word  for us or for our art exhibition in news paper’s . we were saw and noticed his right image in Mumbai Media or in field  of Mumbai Art ha ha . we were pay him 21,000 rupees ,  he gave us unlimited 000000000, ha ha  ha..but we were knew , if we have trust on a unconfident person so we are getting his very confidencial  result . he was wrote its last exhibition of Manthan art group from his unconfidencial nature in history of contemporary art of INDIA  . really that was last exhibition of my Manthan .

When exhibition was running without visitors in silent art gallery of Sanmukhnanda hall  . there I were got some illness that was shock from nature to me , I think that was our third day of art exhibition , I were feeling illness so I were went out to gallery and searched medical store , there to I were buy a medicine and I were taken that medicine with tea. In that casa I were came back in gallery.  there I saw  my friends face was very upset . I were asked  to them what was the new wrong  with us ..ha ha ? one friend was gave me a telegram letter in my hand . he said it is a telegram its came from  your Bikaner. I was saw and received first time telegram in my hand so that was very big shock for me . my mind was blocked and my hand was vibrating . but I were opened to that telegram and read that . that was a wish for me about my art exhibition by national Hindi  book publisher Mr. Deep chand Sankhala , he was wrote congratulation for  your art exhibition yogendra .  …. Yours Deep chand Sankhla , telegram was shocked but that’s words was big shock for me because before that art exhibition Mr. Deep Chand Sankhala was Criticism about my art and he was said to me yogendra  you leave to art .ha what  you will say to it ..haha ..

Over all after seven days art exhibition at Sanmukhnanda hall , Sign Mumbai ,we came at Jaipur . in that art journey we were lost our 35 ,000 rupees par head 8000 rupees .with 00000 result . in Jaipur Artist  Sohan Singh Jakhar was went in danger zone because he was came in under the money presser , he was came in depression and told to me in Hindi ( Muje mere dosto ne karj daar bana diya hai ) and he was started weeping ..hahah that was another shock  to me from my group member . we all were in struggle stage or that was last line of our community work ,there to our Manthan  art group was broken  . that was very big shock for me . because I were honest for my Manthan art group .but that exhibition was pulled to my Manthan from my hand . so I said A exhibition was shocked to me lots …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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