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Art Vibration -153


Dance performer creating Pushpak Viman in dance .
Dance is a base of our  INDIA culture . Dance meaning is feeling of happiness in folk life. So today we have lots of example  about folk dance . our society perform that folk dance on our folk festival in society. India is a malty culture nation. So in all culture that culture have special folk dance for expression of inner feeling. For your example here I want to share  with  you some name of our national folk dance ,Gharbha folk dance of Gujrat, Ghumar  folk dance of Rajasthan, Bhangda folk dance of Punjab, Bharat nataym is folk dance of South INDIA and some more folk dance style Indian culture have for self expression by folk dance  performance .

Here you are thinking why I am saying it to  you I am not a dancer I am master of visual art , so why it is here. But I want to share it because when I were visited  to live performance of Bharat natyam  folk Dance.  I were feeling that’s dance step was giving me a painting impression for my vision. How to it was possible ? so here I want to share  with you some pictures it will prove to my art talk .

A motion of Waiting of RAMA  By  SITA 

It was year 2007 month December ,in winter time  A very strong  performing Artist Cum theater Director  Mr. Dilip Shingh Bhati , Bikaner , was organized a national folk art festival . He was Started that folk art festival by himself and he was taken full risk but he was done that by his self confidence of art. In that winter he was invited to all national folk art performance artist of our INDIA. In that festival he was organized folk dance , folk theater and folk music performance In town hall . Ho to Dilip Shingh Bhati was managed that big folk art festival god know very well , I saw that was his one man show by a committed performing artist of my city . so a army Salute to him by me .

Another motion of prayer of  God Shiva 
In town hall he was organized that festival performance stage.  I were invited there as a visual artist so I were went there with my digital camera “D- 70 S ”. I were saw very artistic performance on town hall stage . that was Bharat natyam dance performance . three artists were  performed a story of RAMAYANA by her dance performance . I were notices that performers action and steps on folk music rhythm of South Indian folk art. I saw  there  lights  arrangement was very special and colorful ,  reflection of light was creating complete painting impression for my visit. I were feeling in that movement a classical dress up figure is dancing on a colorful canvas without any boundary .

Dancer performing to Character of God Rama 

I were shot that complete folk dance performance on RAMAYANA Story .when I were shooting to that folk dance performance in that movement  my camera data card was got full , so in mid I were deleted some visuals because that was week to  other pictures and I were needed some more better visuals to past  week visuals of that live performance of Dance . when I were deleted that picture I were feeling some loss type feeling because I were shoot that by me or that was not bad visuals. You say that was limitation of my tool or time . I were faced  that as a struggler artist.  There I wanted  some more better visual because that was not a dance  for me that was live play of painting in south INDIAN classical style .

Angry Motion of Ramayana Story ..

I were not  used to my camera flash in that photography work , because I don’t want to disturb to performer of that dance  artist and I were not working and shooting that dance performance like a camera man , in that movement a painter was working in myself and that painter was giving order to me for fine visual capture from that live painting performance .

 In that town hall someone were enjoying to  folk music of south India and someone were enjoying to that live dance performance of Bharat natyam but I were enjoying to  theory of Bharat Muni ( writer of NATYA SASTRA ) he wrote all  universe and world  is visual or in a form of  painting .( Bharat Muni was not thought about advance camera when he was wrote his Natya Sastra ) but in my hand I have a camera and in my vision I have  concept of Bharat MunI so I were in complete enjoyment of folk art performance of that folk art festival .

another angry motion of RAMAYANA ..

I were converting to live performance  in visual by advance digital photography  for my painting visual collection . that work was transforming to art by me .live performance to photography visual with impression of painting look. Here after visit that visual you will accept to my talk .i am sure about it .because I saw painting through classical dance .

A complete speed painting  impression.

one more speed painting impression

Angry Rawana busy in up to Shiv Dhanus

Dancer is form of Welcome style

one more speed painting impression

 Dance performer is creating emotion of golden deer by dance 

The on And Only Director , Actor and performer  Mr  Dilip Shingh Bhati , Bikaner, 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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