Friday, July 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 160


Speed it is a design of our universe , who  designed it ? we don’t know about it but we are following to speed . in Indian Philosophy we have been  define to speed . our philosophers were said our vision or imagination speed is very fast to this universe  speed . Science  saying Sun light speed is very fast but human vision or  imagination speed is too fast to sun light its fact. For example I want to give  you a imagination  plot for  you. Think you are still on earth and  you are walking on moon .think now and when  you think then you will on moon with me . haha ..accept it human vision speed is very fast .

Here I want to share with  you this speed matter because I have catch to speed by myself vision. A creative person can do it by his or her self . here I will start it from design of late or great art master Leonardo da vinci . he was fly in sky by his vision or imagination that’s result he gave to world a flying machine design or concept . before that design he was fly in sky by his imagination . In his real life he could not used  to his concept of flying machine but today all world is enjoying to his flying concept .because that was practical and scientific design of him.

Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci was designed tool of speed as a flying machine . in my education time in 12th class I were in unite of Air wing N.C.C. , I were read to design of flying machine , I were completed  my exam of flying machine in Air wing N.C.C. I were wanted  to see myself as a Air wing  pilot but time was moved  to myself in field of visual art for more speedy journey for our world vision . today i am saying , I am designing to world art . in front of this concept pilot job is very small. There side aim is war here aim is peace and love  for future . here is real speed for future design. Ha

But when I saw in sky of village Ladera  in year 2008 . there I saw real speed of flying machine I saw a live air show of our INDIAN AIR WING Force . I were there for collect to visuals of Camel festival . there that air show was part of that camel festival . in reality that was very critical and risky but that was for people fun . there jet air craft was passing in sky but very close to land .i were noticed a speed of sound and speed of flying machine .

There in my hand a visual capture machine of digital format . when I were listen the sound of jet air craft I were taken camera in my hand like a shooting gun and focused on large space of sky . there my every click was like a gun trigger puss . I were went in super consciousness like a army man and there I were noticed some army officers were noticing my shooting action . I were forgot where I am and why I came here there that air show was my aim in that movement . I were listened sound of my camera click one by one without any stoppage , click click and click.  

 I did not wanted to missed any chance of shoot to flying machine movement in sky . you can say that day flying machine was in my target here visuals will say to you  some more words about that motion of my vision speed .

I were shoot many visuals of  that air show and in that air show our INDIAN AIR FORCE  was showed  three different type flying machine in sky.

A Art Master Leonardo da vinci was created flying machine by his fast speed vision and after him a art master was caught  his speed vision by shooting to his conceptual and scientific  flying machine by super speed capture machine - digital camera Nikon D 70 S .

 For  your visit here I am sharing that movement and flying machine movement and motion as a Story photography by a video presentation  . I sure  you will enjoy to that movement and  you can understand to my talk about speed and flying machine because in past I catch to speed.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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