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Art Vibration - 141


Main Gate of  My Art Collage  Rajasthan School of Art , its open for art students..Thanks 
 It is a guide line of success for  life. One day I were sited out side of my art collage Rajasthan School of Art . it was year 1998. That time rain was on because that was rain weather . I were waiting of stop the rain  but rain was getting  more rain.  So I were not moved from art collage  .in that condition I were sited outside of my art collage .I were not alone there,  in that movement  my class mate  Shohan Singh Jakhar,  Sanjay Verma , Laxman shing Rajput and Mohmad rafiq also sited with me .

I saw a very senior man was coming our side he want to care his self  to rain water . I saw in his hand a big bad and a one net of cooking  use .  he came near myself and demanded  to me some space  for sit near us .i were gave space  to him he was sited near us and got updated his self , he was checking his pocket money that was completely wet by rain water . I saw some tens on his face  but he was very cool and confident .

After few minute rain was got more fast rain . so we were packed  at our art collage building  . we saw lots of rain water on road.there were no chance  for move. But  In that rain condition  we were taking on art and our class work matter and that senior person was listing our talk very consciously . after few minute he was asked  to me  are  you student of this collage ?  I said yes we all are students of  this art collage .

For Time pass he said I am also  a painter . then I were asked  to him  you were studied in this art collage ? he said no. but I am artist . I was art teacher but today I am free , because I have completed  my teaching time . in my teaching time  I were teaching  art  to kids and one time I were started a journey on bicycle for teaching to our national kids of our national GOVT school  .in that bicycle journey I were guided to all national Govt. school kids about visual art .in every school I were stayed for three days and there I were guided to kids  about visual art. He said  by that art journey I were met  to Our First Prime minister Pandit Jawahar lal Nahru ji.  Our First Prime Minister   Pandit Jawahar Lala Nahru was gave me a national award  for my art teaching  bicycle journey work . By that short and true story our senior was guided  me a very big lesson for true art journey.

On that day I were knew a real meaning of knowledge . knowledge is come in  our life itself but that is come in our life with a right time and condition . we can try to know about right knowledge but knowledge come in vision by itself . in history we have a big example of MAHATMA BUDH  he was moving on earth city to city in India  with lots of physical exercise but he was got TATV GYAN true knowledge about meaning full real life  with in one second under the tree of BODHI STWA at BODH GAYA City.

With me I were feeling same condition . I were student of Rajasthan School of art  for visual art study and I were getting right knowledge about right meaning of art  outside of my art collage from other artist of visual art . he was not  my art teacher or I were not knew him before that rain meeting. But he was teaching  to me about true art or about  confident work of art. He was giving me a key of self confidence  for a long journey of visual art .

There he was told me I want to share  with  you my knowledge base , I hope it will support to  you in  your art journey. He said success is not easy for any one but when  you follow to right way of success then no one can stop to  your real success. I asked  to him how to it can possible ?

Mahatma Ghandhi telling something  to First Prime Minister of INDIA
Pandit Jawahar Lal Nahru.
He said  to me , you just design a self confidence about  your work , it will come in  yourself  by hard work or by work dedication. When  you will got confidence  then  you can take  in confidence  to  your family , when your family will come in  your confidence then your society will come in  your confidence . when your society will come in  your confidence  then  you can take in confidence  to  your city . and when  your city will come in your confidence  then  you can take in confidence to your state and when  your state  will come in  your confidence  then  you can take in confidence  to our nation and then nation will come in  your confidence then you can take in confidence  to international  and then universe..boy  you can say it’s a right key of your success. Follow it and then feel its result .  but this success rule want  very first  yourself commitment and dedication about  your work  confidence .

After listen that big words of a senior  Artist of My nation . I were fixed his words   in my mind .in last I were asked him his name , He said my name is Mr. Giriraj Vyas .after  knew his name I were not asked  to him any other  question and I were not seen again to him near our art collage . but that day of our first and last meeting was changed  my vision about visual art  journey , he was teaching to me about true duty of a artist . so that day to till today I am following his guide line very silently and its giving me more and more confidence  for my art journey . so today I am sharing it with you for your right success or confidence  because  my senior told  to me , I am telling to  you ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine
Bikaner, INDIA

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