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Art Vibration - 144


Still Life in water color on hand made paper  by M.B.A. Student
Mobile Photo by yogendra  kumar purohit   M.F.A.
 M.B.A. its full form is master of business administration . it is a completely  work on loss and profit system of time, life, daily work and all kind of social business. It was  started  from our first  social life culture of  this earth  . today its convert  in education  for right business profit . you can think why I am saying this business talk ?  it is not a business of art master ? yes  you can think it  but I want to tell  you about this matter.  because I were faced a very different type condition  in my art business. So I am telling it here to  you .

One day I were received a call of a big Business man of my city . he is doing business of Sweet and NAMKIN of Bikaner. His Grand father was started Bikaneri bhujiya creation and that’s business by very traditional style business.  Today his family have lots of branches of namkin and sweet business  in our Indian cities and in abroad . we are calling to that Namkin bhujiya business , Buikharam Chand Mal Bhujiya Wala , That  caller Business man name is Mr. Navratan Agarwal ji.

He was called  me in his business tone . it was natural because business in his blood . he asked me Mr. Purohit ji I want to talk to  you about  your art education and I want to learn art from  you.  Can  you teach me ?

I were said very clear I am not teaching  art because art is come in us itself . he said I like your answer so give me some time I want to meet  to  you . I said ok we can meet .  next day he was invited  me at his office . I were went on his office , his committed worker guided me his office way . I saw he was sited in his very simple office . I were told to him I am painter yogendra kumar purohit .

He was felt happy and said to me thanks then we were started talk on art and art education. I asked  to him are  you want to learn art to me ? he said no no  I am not , but my daughter have interest in art so I think  you can teach to her painting. I were said again art is not for teaching art is come in us itself by practice  . he said I think you can guide  to my daughter very well . he was got confidence on myself  after some art  talk. He said to me can  you come with me ? I were asked  to him where we will go ? he said my home . I were followed to him on the road  for his home address . I saw his home was very traditional like Bikaneri business man  home .

 I were entered in his home through a very big wood  crafted gate that gate size like my art collage gate .  he was called to his daughter and side your art teacher is waiting for talk to you . she  was came with her younger sister or  her mother . she told me her art interest or about her education . when she told me I am M.B.A. I were surprised ..haha

2 D Design work by poster color on paper by M.B.A. Student .
Mobile  Photo by yogendra  kumar purohit ,M.F.A.
I thought  how to I can teach to this young girl , when she draw line on paper then she will think very first , I have used 1 paisa in this line and how to I will gain two paisa to this line .haha  because business education give this guide line to students,  you invest 1 rupees  and gain 2 rupees in very short time . . so I asked to her why  you want to learn art why  you are not join  your father business after  your M.B.A. Education it will support  to his business.  She was answered  me very silently I am doing it sir   but for my refreshment I want to join to art and painting . I saw some art interest in her talk and then in  her sketchbook.

As a art teacher I said ok I will help  you in your creative exercise but I will not draw any line  for  you on  your art space by my hand it is very clear for  you  , I will just guide  to  you for  your art interest . when I were felt  your art interest is going far to  you then I were stop my art guide line . are  you ready for it ? she said yes sir I am ready .

I were fixed morning hours for art education . I saw that  M.B.A. Student younger sister was also interested in art education and her drawing was fine so I were said  you can join to art education if  you have interest so she was joined  to that art education class .

 I saw dedication of art in M.B.A. Students that was magic of time or trouble of life  but that was. Step by step I were guiding  to them and they were learning to visual art  with academic art education process . I were not talked  to them after art and every day I were taking art class one to two hour. In mid of that art education Mr. Navratan Agarwal  ji  was visited progress of his daughter art education,  he was also surprising by his daughter art exercise . his daughter was created a still life of vegetable by pencil and he was explaining its tomato, its banana its green chili or some more objects .

I were guided for still life, 2d  design   , collage work , and creative painting. In four month I were gave very hard exercise to  my student and they both were working very patiently for art education. After four Month I saw my art students were  completed a one step of visual art education and they both were felt tired to mind so one day I were stop to that art education and said your mind want some rest  so do rest and come back in art.

Still Life  water color painting on hand made paper by M.B.A. Student
Mobile  Photo by yogendra  kumar purohit    M.F.A.

But in that four months I saw art practice  of my students they were working like a art master so I were guided  to them  for national exhibition participation . I were told about National Lalit Kala  Academy of Delhi . my students were submitted some art work in big framed for national art exhibition . actually I were designed a self confidence  in my art students  about true art work so they were participated.  they were got activeness  for art activity and I saw two M.B.A. student was converted her thought for visual art and they were getting real peace and confidence by that art education. 

( In past A big businessman Mr. Sudhir Agarwal  director  of Denik Bhaskar  News paper  was broken to a Artist ( myself ) for his business profit  after cheat with my commitment payment cost.  A Small artist ( Myself ) was connected  to art  with blessing or commitment of art  to two girl of Agarwal family on art labor cost without cheat . it was my art work for visual art by that art education classes of four months . )

In that art classes I were not talking about money or about my art fees , my students  were asked  to me many time but I were always gave one answer  to them  you learn art my fees come in my hand from your father . he know about  my  art fees. Ha

Over all that’s girls art respect and art dedication was bounded to me for art teaching and I were noticed  in art practice of them , M.B.A. Students were worked like M.F.A.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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