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Art Vibration - 143


Ideal Image of Mumbai by  a sigh board , photo by myself .
 It was a very funny question for me from a school student . but question was question or that was a question of student  so answer was very must for his question by me . when that boy asked to me this question I were remembered a old  story about teacher and student .

Here I want to share  with  you that short story for  your knowledge. Once a time a student of  Vedik Institute ( Gurukul ) was going to  his institute for study , in that mid way some seniors asked to him where are  you going boy ? that boy reply to senior I am going to institute for teach to my teacher .After few years that boy was got a teaching job in his institute . one day he was going his institute in that mid way again seniors  asked same question to him where are  you going  boy ? he was answered   to seniors , I am going to  my institute for learn . the senior asked  to him how to it possible ?, when  you were student that time  you were teaching to  your teacher and today  you are teacher then  you are saying I am going for learn to my institute what is this ? then that boy answered  to senior , when I were student that time I were asking lost of question so my teacher was learned very much for me so I were teaching to my teacher and today I am teacher so I am learning very much because my student  are asking to me lots of question . so today I am going my institute for learning ..ha

This same condition  was applied on me or that student  , when we were in a one train . he was not asked  to me direct this question for my identity .he was observed to my life style continue two days in train journey ,  then he was asked it .

Gate way of INDIA by My view 
It was year 2007, I were coming back at home from Mumbai by Bandra -  Bikaner train . my ticket was not conform  that was in waiting list or in RSC . but I could sited in coach of reservation of that train. I saw on my sit no. some kids of a school was sited they were teen age kids . I were putted  my painting box and my bag on upper sit of that coach . kids were busy for taking to right sit in that coach by guide line of his or her teachers. In that case train was started . I said good bye to Mumbai with thanks sound .

In train I were sited on single sit line and school kids were sited front side of  myself , they were  observing  to my silent motion. and I were observing kids activity .they were  making noise like bird chipping , it is natural in kids nature. Ha

After few minutes a strict male teacher and a lady teacher  of that kids came near myself and they were checked ticket and sit number . the male teacher was not asked to me any question and he was touched very ruflly to my bag and then asked whose owner of  this bag ?. I were felt very bad after saw his ruf behavior , I were stand to my sit and got very angry on  him. I said  who made  you teacher , its not a nature of a teacher , your activity is like a fool , you know what is in this bag ? you can ask this question very silently with peaceful activity to me . I will give  you answer . but  you have not knowledge about peace then how to  you do it .this is my bag and you know  in this bag  my very costly camera ,when it will got some damage condition I will charge on  you  , mr. teacher are  you understand . after saw my angry mood of army man character he was live very silent , I saw his face was expressing big insult after his self wrong activity .he was PTI of his school or he was popular in his school as a strict teacher .but in front of myself his students saw a live result of his fail condition with his wrong nature or behavior .so he was felt very insult but I were not insulting of him I were  teaching the rule of journey in his self  sound  .

 I said  you want this sit for kids I will leave it with peace and love because I am loving to kids and caring too. I can stand for kids it in my nature but  you are not on right way mr. teacher. After that angry  talk he was leaved that coach for few hours . I saw many students were in happy mood because they were saw first time down condition of his strict PTI Sir on his own mistake .

After that in evening time  I were taken some light food from Surat Station and I were eating  food on that same RSC number sit. I were putted FOOD  on news paper and eating alone .that true art movement of my art journey thay  students were observing continue .

After food I were started sketching on my sketch book in sketching I were draw some out side seen of train  and some inside seen. Students were noticing continue with school teachers. In sketching time a student told me sir I want to draw sketch but I can’t . then I were asked to student  you have note book ? he said yes I have . I said take in your hand and start my sketch , when you start sketch in that movement  you will not think for good or bad  you will think for observation of my body language and outline of my body. He was followed to my guide line and started sketching in same  time  some more students were created sketches in his not book. It was  my true movement of that train journey . I were educated about sketching in train journey to kids . ha

In Night that same PTI teacher was came near myself , but second time he was very cool and talked  very nicely , his students were observing his new look and behavior for me. He said to me sir we can give  you a sit if  you leave this number sit I said ok no problem I want  relax full journey not a fight or etc.   you give me other sit I will shift my bag and painting box. That teacher  was gave me a upper sit in same coach . so I were taken sleep very well and I said thanks to that PTI teacher for his changed nature .

Student of Mumbai School is busy in sketching of myself
In Train Bandra - Bikaner. 2007 
In late night train was stop on a station I think that was Ahamdabad Station. I were came out to train and taken a one cup tea. That night in sky moon was in full signing . in moon sign I saw a historical building was looking very nice and a tree shadow was creating a nice  B &  W visual  for my visit so I were visiting to that seen of nature . in  same time students were again watching to me and observing my action. When I came in train, students asked  to me sir what are you looking there . we saw there was nothing special ? I said I were looking to moon and that’s natural light , moon light was creating a very fine visual for my study , I were missed  my camera otherwise I were shoot that seen . I were noticed kids were missing my company , I said  your teacher was through to me very far to  you kids. Good night.

When I said good night in that movement a student asked  to me sir what is  your  birth date ? that night date was 26- 10 – 2007 . I said to kids  I will tell you tomorrow .then he asked to me why tomorrow , I said its in suspense .ha ha..

After night sleep I were got update for next few hours journey in that same train. It was morning time I were came back on same sit and kids were joined  to me like my class students   ha , I were again started sketching and kids were got busy itself  with me . in mid I were shoot some pictures of outside landscape from train . kids were observing again my new action about visual art exercise . in that movement a student asked  to me sir today  you will tell me  your birthday  date . I said  yes I will tell  you . then he asked  to me ok tell what is  your birthday date , I were answered  to him 27-10- 1976 . he was surprising by my answer and said to me ooo sir 27 -10 -2007 is today  , it mean today is  your birthday , I said yes today is my birthday . he said it is really suspense,  you , said  it yesterday night .i said yes. It was suspense .ha ha After information of my birthday that student told  to all and I were shoot a picture of him because he was touched  my deep heart by his lots of questions . when I were shoot his picture that time he was putted a one more question front side of myself . he asked  to me sir, Are  you DON..?

Myself Busy in self photography  in front side of Taj Hotel of Mumbai  

I were laughed  on his question and asked  to him why  you think it about myself I am artist my dear. then he was explained to me how to I am like  DON..ha ha

He said  you got angry on my very angry PTI teacher , after your angry mood  he is silent , in night he was gave  you sit  for sleep with respect , you were draw and teach art and late night  you are taking tea and talking about nature , you are not telling  your birthday date direct to me and when  you share your birthday that is like suspense and at present  you are shooting photographs of outside and our self by this very advance camera  its giving feeling of  DON to me from your character  , After listen his words I asked to him are you see to live don in  your real life ? he said no but I saw film DON ..ha ha I were laughed  again on kids knowledge but I were not said any words  to him .

This Picture of Two Don of  Cine Art work . image from Google image. 
In next movement Jodhpur Station was came that was  holiday station of Mumbai School. all students and school teachers were busy for come out to train  and myself was busy in buy to toffees from a shop of station. After buy to toffees  I were submitted in hand of that student and said  you will distribute it with all students or with  your PTI teacher and said to them its  from My DON because today his birthday .haha

I were came again in train and sited on same birth and  I were thinking it  , Mumbai Student ask to me are  you DON..?........

Yogendra Kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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