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Art Vibration - 152



 My Painting on Inner pain or Struggle ..

Teacher is a definition of culture design. A teacher is a real builder of a strong conceptual social structure of human life . in our Indian history teacher was up to god . here I am remembering a very old poem it is on  right teacher . it is in Hindi ( Guru Govind  Dono Khade kake lagu panv , balhari guru aap ne jo govind diyo milaay ) it mean a student is saying to his teacher , teacher and god is still in front side of myself  and whose to I give first respect by touch to his feet? But thanks to my teacher because  he give  me a way of real meeting to god by his guide line . I mean a student is always giving respect to his or her true teacher in our world . it is natural because a teacher is giving real life way for time design to his or her students .

But in my education time I were saw some wrong teachers  or I were faced some negative role from  my teachers . I know some time right teacher take  negative action for positive result from student but some teacher live always negative because they have forget his real duty and image .  

It was my real painful time in art collage , I were in master education a very senior student of my art collage . I were not participated in any tour of my art collage but in master education  I were joined  to our education tour as a art student . kind  your information our art collage have plan for study tour . so one day my two junior came near myself and they were requested for join to our one day education tour . I said I will join to  you but in my art history I have not participated in any education tour  you can see our art collage tour record.

I though for that tour that was time design for my painful time . On tour day in morning time I were went to art collage from my rental room after taken only one cup tea . in a one bus I got sit that was specially for senior students  so I were in that bus . our new principal was wanted sit with us in bus of senior students but one Teacher MR. Narendra Yadav ( tour comity member of art collage ) said to him no sir we have fixed  your sit in next bus . Our Principal was Mamtma Ghandhi concept Follower so he was went in other bus like a simple child . but when mr. yadav stop to our principal , in that time he was said to our Principal sir our boys are very naughty they all will kidding in this bus so you sit in other bus , our principal was reply to Mr. yadav  , he said  no problem I will get kid condition in myself and I will enjoy to students kidding condition for fun. But mr. yadav was not permitted to him And I were noticing emotion of my principal , he was very new and a very silent person so he went in other bus. When he was going for other bus in that movement  Mr. yadav said in joke style , he said to other teachers I have send to junior in juniors bus hahaha.. that was a live joke on my new principal of Art collage .

After some time our collage bus’s were  started and running on the high way . in that journey some junior girls were started pass-  pass game by a cloth .i were not participated in that game because I were busy in visit of outside landscape from our bus. When game was started then noise was naturally started that was noise of fun mood of students but nothing was wrong in that movement. After few minutes Mr. yadav got angry on students that was killing motion of fun mood of art students . I were felt wrong because all students were  got silent after words of  Mr. yadav .

I were demanded that same cloth from my junior hands, he gave me and I were said I am going to play who will play with me . I were called  to my graphic studio teacher late Mr. Vijay Joshi  and through that cloth on him but there time was changed the angle of that cloth  by air  and I saw that cloth was on mr. yadav .again all  were  in silent mode. Mr. yadav was Stand up to his sit and move back or asked to all who through it on me , all were in fear , I  were up my hand and said very confidently I have through it but not on  you it was came on  you by air.

He was listened my words and got lots of angry . he came near myself and caught  my neck and told me very ruf word “ HARAMJADA ” Idiot . I will beat  you . I said why you will beat me we are playing by cloth , this cloth came on you by mistake , may be in  your view we all are wrong so I am accepting my mistake . after acceptance why  you will beat me , and why  you saying ruf  word, you are teacher sir teacher. But he was not listened my words and he was not leaved  my neck . I were requested  to him leave my neck I don’t want to take a negative step against  you because  you are teacher. I am respecting of  yours but he was not ..ha ha

In that movement late Teacher Mr. Vijay Joshi came for control to our angry condition . he was very friendly teacher of our art collage. So I were got cool mood but I said to Teacher Joshi ji, sir when he can say to me HARAMJADA then I can go on his Family ,over all joshi ji controlled to that hot conversation of us.

After some time our bus was stop on our tour spot. There tour comity was gave some brake fast to all students  but I were not taken that . ha ,  how to I can take   after listen that very hard  word.
All day I were live upset and some  junior students too. In that case my other teachers asked  to me about that conversation then I were reply to them sir I can give  my DNA report to him but can he give to me ?  

When our toue was got completed we all were came near our bus’s  I were sited on the road and wrote in Hindi by white stone HARAM all were reading that after some time I were added a vowel sound AE then that was converted in HERAM ..! 

In mid way of bus stop ,  I were walking and I saw Mr. yadav and  My Principal were walking both so I went near them . I were said pranam to my Principal , and got permission for ask a question . he said ok ask, then I were asked to him sir tell me when  a student accept his mistake in front of his teacher after acceptance of his mistake,  teacher is  catch his neck and say  to him HARAMJAADA  IDIOT .   so  my sir tell me who is wrong  ? my principal said teacher is wrong student is not . in same time I said mr. yadav done it with me in mid way of this tour journey in bus. Students were  playing pass pass  game  through cloth  by luck that cloth went on mr. yadav and he got angry . in that movement he could not converted his self like a kid in mid of kids .

My principal said to Mr. yadav , Mr.  yadav ji   you said Sorry to yogendra  just now . Mr . Yadav said Sorry to me,  I said ok but my eyes was wet , I were hurt very much from his one words .

My some juniors served me food in that tour I were not taken food of our art collage comity .ha

After that  tour one day I were busy in my class room mr. yadav and late mr. Vijay Joshi was came in class room and again said  to me sorry for that tour mistake , I said sir I were gave sorry to you on same day when  you were demanded to me sorry in front side of our principal .i have forgot that and I don’t want to remember that painful seen again ..( but today that seen again came in my vision so here I am sharing with you . )

In holidays I were came at home but inside a one word was vibrating to my soul and vision for a critical answer to mr. yadav by artistic way.  So I were started research and done a documentation  of family tree by format of family tree .

 I were worked on my family history , you can say it was my real art work for a critical dialogue . in 15 to 30 days I were got complete history of my family tree with name of my late family fathers . I were converted that research in a book format with some message  for happy family . I were registered in that family tree book,  our seven generation of family,  past to present . I were counted we all are 1000 something today  . with one title MADKOTDI PUROHIT PARIWAR .

I were created 30 copies of that book for my family or one for mr yadav. After completed that family tree book work I were went to My collage . there I were submitted a copy of my family tree book in hand of Mr. yadav  and said this  book is  gift to  you  from my Grandfather Mr. Bulaki Das Ji Purohit . he want to come for meet to you and he want to give this book gift to you from his hand but I were stop to him because he is very old  . I were stop to him. Sir ..

When mr. yadav listen my words and then saw to  our family tree  book he was speech less . I were noticed  his face expression .here I have no words for his face expressions of that movement ..
 I were gave a right answer to him for future and I sure after me he was not told that very ruf word HARAMJADA IDIOT  to any art students of my art collage  . I were done that art work because a teacher said  to me idiot …..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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Abhishek said...

It is incredible how a single word can have such an impact on a person. I completely agree with what you have written, there is one teacher i will never forget because of what she said to..i was in class 5 then and now when i am 32 i still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Sorry that you had to go through such an experience.