Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 157


Landscape of  Bundi Fort By me , water color on Handmade paper 
It is a another critical art sound of my art journey. I were in master Education , for art education i were went on art education tour . you can say to  that, that  was only master education  students  tour. Our tour was fixed for Rajasthan state . we were visited by that tour KOTA , BUNDI,city in three days .  

That tour from Raajsthan School of Art but reality was something different . we were pay for that tour so that was self finance art education tour of us. We went by a Bolero Jeep with our tour manager cum  Art teacher Mr. Anil Gupta  . it was plus point for us because he is from Kota city. So we all were went with him at his home town for our art education. But we were not visited his home in Kota because we were lived busy in art education .

We were lived one day in Bundi City And two days in Kota city. I were went in that tour with my art medium .because I were in full mood of art study because I were committed for my art education in master study. There I were created three landscapes on 24X30 inches puna handmade sheet by water color . my batch mates were also busy in landscape study with me in that tour .

When we were lived busy in work of art in same time our tour manager and teacher Mr. Anil Gupta was lived busy for our art education tour publicity for art environment design in  Kota and Bundi city. Media was published  us with our art work or study sound .that was a live result by us to our Art collage as a dedicated art student  of  our art Collage .

I were enjoyed my landscape work of Bundi Fort . we were stop our Jeep on Highway of Kota and Bundi.  because that highway to Bundi fort look is looking like a mural and in definition of History Bundi fort is a Mural fort because it was created  on a  flat wall type hill of Bundi. So I were said to teacher Anil Gupta , sir I will create this view of Bundi fort  for my art work . he was permitted to us as a tour manager so we all art students were sited on highway of Bundi and created that landscape .
I were observed to that fort visual by light and shadow  impressions After that  I were started drawing and step by step  , I were completed that landscape in four hours..

I were painted complete view of that fort and some part of city homes. Down to up and sky I were painted with full patience in noise of highway traffic . that was open challenge for me by myself  consciousness . by time support I could done that as a art student . I were show full details in that landscape because I were not wanted  to miss to that time or  light and shadow  condition for my art study. I were not played by color I were joined  to color to color by brush with light and shadow  impression . I think that was  my plus point of art study about that landscape  work .
Meida was published to our art education tour in KOTA and BUNDI 

In that art work I were expressed to my observation skill and skill of transformation of my observation in limited time with perfection  or patience by line and water colors .

After that art work or tour we were came back to art collage . in art collage I were shared  my art work  with students or with our teachers. All were happy to our art exercise about art education tour or that’s result. In that case my landscape subject teacher Mr. Harshiv  Sharma ( today H.O.D.Painting  At R.S.A. )  visited  my art work and gave me a critical  comment about my study  tour work . he said  very clear in his words landscape and photography have difference ?

 That was a live question and criticism on my art study by my teacher . he was right but how to I could  worked  on his working philosophy . I could worked by my observation system that was designed in me  by my art time or education . in past when photography was not designed in our human society . that time a good observer could created real look by his art  exercise like Rembrant , Renesa ,  Jaque David, Kurbe , Matis, Jeriko, Delakra , Leonardo da vinci, Maichalangelo, Refel  and some more senior artists   and today in western art of contemporary time some art critics are saying about  old realistic art “ photography in oil colors ” . so I am not accepting  criticism of my art teacher about my art work he was said to me  landscape and photography have difference ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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