Thursday, February 07, 2019

Art Vibration - 506

A Master  Stroke … 

The Set of RAJASTHAN KABIR WANI  Performance in Jaipur Virasat Foundation  2019 .

Master Gopal Singh Chouhan , Mnaster Naval Kishor Vyas and Prakash ji  in room of Jaipur Virasat  Foundation Rest house  jaipur ..phot by myself 
Jaipur Virasat Foundation , a committed culture care community of Rajasthan . The team of Jaipur Virasat  Foundation Know how to care to culture or culture designer ( Artist ,writer, singer, musician, historian ,  culture performer or all type of culture designer  too.  )  .

I know the work of Jaipur Virasat  Foundation , this unit was fully care and promoted to  my junior artist master  Chandra Shekhar Sain ( a young painter of Rajasthan ) . I connected to him with Jaipur Virasat Foundation  in year 2006-07 .so I know very strongly to work of Jaipur Virasat  Foundation .

Last month I went to Jaipur for join to Zee JLF 2019 , in same time  my Friend master Gopal Singh was presented in Jaipur at Office or campus of Jaipur Virasat Founsation . I called to him then he invited to me at there for join to their RAJASTHAN KABIR YAATRA projectTRA .
  work . Kind  your information I also registered member of RAJASTHAN KABIR YAATRA  Project work. So I went there and joined to master Gopal singh chouhan and his team for project work of KABIR YAA

I stayed there only for one day or one night  but in that short time period I done  my work as a visual artist of RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA Project Team .

There in office of JAIPUR VIRASAT FOUNDATION I noticed  very much peace and art environment . I saw many art and craft designs there exhibited  , they have installed that , there for viewers of JAIPUR VIRASAT FOUNDATION . 

I stayed in rest house of JAIPUR VIRASAT FOUNDATION  with team of our RAJASTHAN KABIR YAATRA , I felt relax and I got friends company too in that two days tour of JAIPUR .

Rajasthan Kabir Yatra team organized a workshop of handicraft work with musical performance of KABIR WANI by singers of KABIR WANI . I could not participated in that workshop but before that workshop I done some promotional work for our Rajasthan Kabir Yatra workshop in Zee JLF 2019 . 

IN Zee JLF 2019 the team of RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA presented for registration of workshop , they presented there some video presentations , some literature of KABIR through the stall of JAIPUR VIRASAT FOUNDATION . so two days I  shared  my time to our RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA PROJECT TEAM in Zee JLF 2019 . 

At Campus of JAIPUR VIRSAT FOUNDATION  master Gopal Singh Told to me I paint to logo of RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA  in blue color because here stage background is white or our logo is in white color . so I painted to logo of RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA  by blue color  and came back to Bikaner .
I did there a very small art work but very important ,  that was my master stroke work for our RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA & JAIPUR VIRASAT  FOUNDATION   Too.    

Here some visuals of that master stroke or workshop of RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA . this pictures  shared with me master Giriraj Purohit and master Sourabh Satsangi team member of RAJASTHAN KABIR YATRA  PROJECT .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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