Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 238


My solo show  poster on Display Board of  NATIONAL  GALLERY OF MODERN ART , MUMBAI . 2007
A single artist always work in form of solo show . Vincent Wan ghog  Michalangelo  , Pablo Picasso , Ravindra nath Thakur , M.F. Hussain they all were lived in  one  men show performance for visuals art .
 Solo performance is giving very challenging movement  to creator and that condition is giving more energy for self creation of that’s presenter  in mid of society. Solo work give self confidence and will power for next work of art. Wan ghog was gave us very feeling full painting by his solo work  or thinking.  Sculptor great art master Michalangelo was gave us sculpture in form of world wonders. His sculpture David and painting work sistin chapel wall painting is example of his solo work. Artist cum great poet  Sir Ravindra nath Thakur was changed  to western academic art education system  by his simple art concept  in INDIA  ART  Philosophy . Artist M.F. Hussain was gave a new concept to INDIAN contemporary painting by his own art vision or by his solo presentations. We all know about it .

I am saying it because I were observed it live by my own art journey and then I were compared my live solo art condition with seniors life there to I got some same thing in my art journey . I were got some confidence  for my solo work .

After Education of master  I were started only solo show of my art work , in that solo art presentation  I were touched  to art society of Mumbai or Delhi or Rajasthan .It was year 2006 to 2008, In Delhi I were exhibited a installation art in gallery of national academy of Delhi. There I were alone and in three days I were promoted  to my art work by exhibition poster  display , I were displayed  my solo exhibition poster  on all display board of Delhi art galleries or art center + art collage of Delhi .  

In Mumbai I were exhibited  my solo show at Pradarshak Art gallery , Khar Mumbai. That was 15th days art show of myself , before that show I were in Mumbai  and in three days  I were displayed  my art exhibition poster on all art galleries  of Mumbai .there I were alone so that art exhibition promotion work was solo work by me . there I were moved on street of Mumbai with my art exhibition posters  .

 I were displayed on display board by my hand one by one on  display board of all art place. Like Nehru center  , National gallery of Modern art , J.J. School of art , prithvi theater ,NCPA art center but  Jehangir Art gallery was not permitted to me because they were taking charge for display on display board . there  before art exhibition I were went to all press office for submit to  invitation of my solo show visit . in that movement I were faced all condition of art challenge by myself . I were lived there 20 days but alone and I were learned  lots of for solo art presentation . That was very painful critical and puzzle for me but I were faced that as a true artist . I were not got back step because I were knew here I am alone  and all condition I were created for me by self so its self fight for more maturity of art journey .it is must for my solo art sound .  

In day time  I were tried  to connect to some art critics of media  and some more art gallery owners . here  on this blog in last posts I have shared some special movement of my solo art condition of Mumbai so I will not write again that same matter  . actually there I were not knew to any body . some artist friends was there but they were busy in his self solo work so I were not disturbed to them .
My solo show  poster on Display Board of  NATIONAL  GALLERY OF MODERN ART , MUMBAI . 2007

Over all I were completed many solo show by my alone condition in past with one line of Sir Ravindra nath Thakur ,EKLA CHALO RE , EKLA CHALO RE ..walk alone you walk alone …so I said here my solo show ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner,  INDIA

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