Saturday, October 12, 2013

Art Vibration - 233


Friends nature was gifted us a very strong data storage function . yes our mind  is a data storage tool. Our mind is a complete history recorder of a one life. A man or women can  store special movement of life. This storage work started after come in consciousness of mind in childhood age . this storage word have a right word and definition about it we human are saying to that  MEMORY .

This memory always live in our mind like a virtual album of web word And every day its capturing new visuals and stories and some special movement of life . this function is working naturally in our mind  with time . anybody can’t change this natural function or that’s working system because it is virtually  working by itself.

A social human being can’t use or express to this memory data with everyone but a creative  person can express to his/her memory by form of creative work presentation.
A poet can express to his /her memory or special movement with poetic words by that words we can observe to a poet memory or  special movement of  them life. Here for example  I want to share a short story from my memory..

I was  in class ninth I were read a lesson in Hindi Book . that was a journey story of AMARNATH YATRA . the journey of God Shiva Temple that’s Name is AMARNATH . writer was expressed his observation in text like a real landscape . when I were read his words I were felt some real feeling of his live journey . that was true memory of him with true presentation by creative form that was writing.

A singer can express his /her inner memorable movement by own sound we are saying to that rhythm , Theater art can express to memorable Movement by live performance a painter can express memory by painting , its example is World  most beautiful painting Monalisa , Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci was created that portrait by his strong memory.

But photography art  is a very strong tool for save to memorable movement of life. Camera is giving a hard form  to live movement before thats virtual image. Because live action is convert  in virtual  image within next second .only camera can catch to that live movement for hard copy of memorable movement  so camera is a second strong tool of memory storage .

 I am saying it because I have lived it in my past time . this blog posts are   very strong example of this Memory subject . I have camera a tool of memory recorder . in past I were lived busy in painting exhibitions for five years continue . in that exhibitions work project I were moved in different city of  my nation . in that cities I were saw and felt many memorable movement some was went direct  in my mind memory and some was came in memory by my photography camera .
 Here I want to share that memorable parts of my memory , I were storage that in hard copy of photo print but here that is converting in virtual images ha ha it is critical movement of Memory storage . ha ..ha  too.
Photo memory -1
In this picture  I am in Mumbai  at Haji Alli Darghah  with some other artists friends , I were shooting him and they were shooting to myself in action of photography movement of A painter . ha

Photo memory -2
I am seat near a railway track of Child rail at place  Art caves  Elephanta , Mumbai . In background green hills and a got near myself and that was making sound MAI MAI MAI .. ha ha ha..Mai is a Hindi word for self like I of English.. ha ha ..and my friend was shooting to me there. That was very funny memorable movement  of my art journey.

Photo memory -3
My artist friend  Sanjay  verma ( OLD ) was sleep on old tank at fort of Elephanta caves place Mumbai . that was funny or critical ..

Photo memory – 4

I were in Delhi for visit a international art exhibition at national Gallery of Modern art . I were there with my two friend ( OLD ) . Artist Sanjay Verma And Sohan Shingh Jakhar . I were shoot to them with art work of Great Art Master sculptor  Devi Prasad Choudhary .it was critical art definition ,,ha

Photo memory -5
At national Gallery of Modern Art  I were shoot a one more picture of  my artist friends with big portrait sculpture art work of art  master  Sculptor Shri Ram Kumar suthar  . I were told to my friend  you can kiss to Mahatma Ghandhi then I will shoot  your photo from my camera.  they were done that and I were capture that live love action for memorable movement of this art life.
I have lots of memorable movement in hard copy but that all can not come in a one post so sorry but I think  you can understand  to my talk about memory word. ?

So here I said only memory …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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