Saturday, October 05, 2013

Art Vibration - 225


Composition This is a very useful word in all sector of Life subject . Actually this word and its right definition we got from our nature . Composition mean is combination of two or above  element , mixing of two or above  element . In our nature  water is a complete composition for earth life Gas H2 or O combination is giving to us water composition . science , architect , engineering , cooking, art can’t get perfection without this word composition.

A perfect composition can give a perfect feeling by visually or by taste . Composition is a exercise on space or element by human  mind . I were knew this word and its right definition very first in my 12th class of fine art subject .there I were knew line,  form , color ,shades , tone ,distance is element of painting composition . I were used that composition definition on my painting canvas and I got first division in 12th class through study of composition .

After 12th class , I were went in BFA Fine Art Education , there I were knew one more element of composition that’s name was  camera of Photography . there in two year  I were learned how to compos to light and live visuals on a one frame of negative .that was a technical method for composition on invisible space of negative film roll.

Actually that was a live exercise for composition of  natural light by photography camera.  There art is working with science compositions for a final result of light composition . there without science composition art composition is nothing it is fact. So in my view all subject is a part of one composition that is working for better life or that’s better motion or emotions.

After B.F.A. Art Education , I were learned how to compos to light by camera and then I were used a new element of composition  in my art journey . by that composition tool  I were composed many compositions  in form of photography .I were learned composition by natural light for natural visuals impression . That study of light composition is supporting to me  in my painting when I am doing realistic painting composition. I remember a statement about my art work composition ( Portrait or landscape ) My Australian Artist Denial  a Portrait master told me yogendra  your portrait work is very simple  and  I like  your observation of  light or shadow on object . this kind of observation was came in my vision   by composition exercise of light by photography camera.  My collage Teacher Artist Harshiv Sharma was told me After visit  my landscape painting ..yogendra photography and painting have difference , but when I compos to a composition in real form in that time  study of painting or photography  composition is working  in my composition sense .  it is unconsciously but it is fact of my composition sense.

Here  for your visit I want to share a exercise work of composition of light . I were selected  a traditional clay lamp . it was time of national festival of light . I were shoot many visuals of some light lamp by camera . that was live exercise of composition of light  in form of real visuals composition. It is came in me naturally by study by compositions with different type of elements.

I were used that composition sense  in art work  , light, space , shadow , tone and cultural form of  light decoration . I were shoot 25 th visuals of light lamps with different type of composition or with different type of light shadow s . I were used space  or distance in that compositions . when you visit then  you will feel some fresh light and silence before happiness of a festival  and some more deep feelings by composition of light on this post .i sure it will prove to   you  my light composition sense ..
So I said it is composition of light …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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