Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 247


In my view we all human are on a journey in our  universe , and this universe is also busy  in a journey.  today NASA research center is saying it to us by scientific logic .  In INDIAN VEDAS we can see this journey concept by logical example of of god Brahma , a one day of god BRAHMA , is thousand years  of  earth and this universe , it mean our earth can get a day of god Brahma after thousand years journey in this universe.

Our earth is on journey , on earth life on journey , every life have own aim full journey or in that aim full journey they complete many small journey step by step then they can complete  to one aim full journey in limited  live life limit on this earth in a one life. It is a universal truth for this universe.
We all human can think like that because thinking process,  time have design for us on this earth about life journey.

Here I am saying it because many time I am thinking about life and that’s journey , every day we live our life in our system on this earth. It is a natural journey of us by time design so we can just follow to it without any objection .

Birth to death it is a real life journey on this earth for every one , in this long journey or uncontrolled journey , life and death system in hand of time or in control of  super power that is nature. So we live every day this natural journey in life. But in this life journey we complete many small journey ‘s of us for complete  to our  real  long journey . I know I am getting some philosophical tone but it is must for this post.

Here I want to share a  explain with  you by observation on  a small live journey or that’s live  life colors . it was  my small journey for  god HANUMANA temple , In RAMAYANA Religion book,  God HANUMANA was captured to Sun  in his mouth and he was changed  to system of  universe journey . in that story  god Hanumana was proved his super power as a GOD. So today in INDIAN culture mostly in hindu religion people doing prayer  in front side of god Hanumana.  So My small journey was for temple of god Hanumana , that temple is far to my city only 60 KM . we are saying to that  place  PUNRASAR DHAM . I were started  my small journey by bus for that temple or prayer . In bus I were started  my observation as a art student and in same time I were started photography of my observation movement as a art records. First I were observed the prayer activity of people in temple, here  in visuals you will observe to my observation so I will  not explain to all visuals story because that is not possible in a one post ok .

After prayer observation I saw self commitment for prayer  in other people by his or her activity . I saw there many helper or helping nature people were provided  some daily use material to peoples. Someone caring to others by medical support .someone making food for god HANUMANA by his or her hand in temple .

Some societies were cooking lots of food for peoples of that religion journey . there in 24 hours I were observed many color of life , lots of emotional condition and that’s shadows with many different s small live journey of different s peoples. They all were busy in a small journey of life with sound of prayer but actually they were busy in a work of complete to a big journey , that prayer journey was a step of complete to big journey on this earth by them or just like me.  because I were also on my small journey for complete to my big journey .  I were also following to natural journey rule by my small journey of Prayer of God HANUMANA  at Punrasar dham temple .

So here I said long  journey get complete by small Journey’s  …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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