Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 242


Some time life  leaved self  confidence by test of our hard time . in that condition our mind need some magical support   for backup or recovery of loss . so life start to search some way for  recovery of loss. For it  some very senior late  life design creator were created some way for get to cool condition of mind . that’s name is Astrology , Tantra , Prayer.

Astrology is giving a human for support to unconfident person , a astrologer listen to upset person and he give some way for get to self coolness to that unconfident person.  This same think is connected with tantra vidhya ( magic of nature ) . and prayer . in this condition when a unconfident person follow to it then he/she  is coming in life or in confidence . because it is a practical exercise for unconfident person by activity of   this social  backup .  a human can come back in  life with full confidence . Actually it is a exercise for human mind or  pass to bad time or for understand to puzzle condition of mind in a complicated packed mind condition.  When mind got blind vision for next thinking by a loss or something wrong in that time  human mind need some help , so this astrology , tantra Vidhya  and prayer is helping to  human mind .

I were thought on this subject  in year 2007 as a artist  and I were got this  view after thinking work. In same time I were painted some painting on this concept  with limited color or art form . I were used white paper , red and black color for painting and I were used chili and lemon drawing form with red dot or a hill drawing .

I were expressed  in that painting work , some critical view ,some logical view and some puzzle condition of mind and that’s practical activity  about coolness of mind. I were selected form of lemon and chili because every Saturday I were watching fresh lemon and chili on main gate of all market shops . there I were observed to handicapped condition of mind or unconfident condition of mind of shop keepers . so they were hanged that tantra form for success .ha..  it is a cultural activity of Indian markets,  maybe it is working or not  for success  but I know it is working on shop keeper’s minds .

Every Saturday I was visiting to a bicycle on the road with lots of  fresh lemon and chili hanging product . there that tanrta vidhya was giving  income way to that tantra product maker . he was selling his tantra product with full confidence ha ha ha.. so he was proving many time in front side of myself if tantra vidhya is working very well for him ha ha..it is crtical. But true.  You will accept it .

In 2004 my Artist friend Mr. Naveen Sharma was presented his installation art in Village bori , Baswada . there he was exhibited lots of lemon and chili tantra product , in same time of his presentation there villager’s  were got angry on him or his art work because there they  were not understood that was art  work . they were felt to that art work like a live practical tantra vidhya ..ha ha ha..so he was stop his art work presentation  for coolness  of villager’s mind  ..ha ha ..that was very critical . 

In my painting I were used red color because that is symbol of danger, struggle , puzzle condition. Balck color is a symbol of dark , sad condition or loss , a hill was presented to struggle height , and a red dot is a particular time of puzzle mind or that’s shadow .here  for your visit I am sharing a visual of that art work .

I know here I have not expressed my all view about thinking of tantra vidhya or about puzzle mind condition  but my art work visual  will express to  you some more because that is a 100% registration of my past thinking on astrology, tantra vidhya , prayer or on unconfident mind ..

So I said here art exercise on trantra…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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