Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Vibration - 241


It was year 2008, I were organized a digital graphic art exhibition from my studio banner . I were invited to 15th  young artist of graphic art . that was computer graphic or digital art work exhibition . I were exhibited that art work with very simple presentation . because  my pocket was not permitted to me for frame to all work .but frame is not a  part of art work presentation so I were exhibited all graphic digital print  without  frame in Sudarshana Kala Dirga ( art gallery ) Bikaner.

I can say that art exhibition was pass out students of Rajasthan School of art . they all artist were created graphic work after a good art exercise with computer tool . I were pasted that all submitted art print on black paper sheet for exhibition display.

But when I were entered  in gallery and I saw the condition of gallery wall or that’s display board I were thought something more for hidden to bad condition of that display boards. I were wanted  to broken visuals effect of that display board because that was not complete white . there gallery condition was critical for art work display.

So I were planed a new idea for distract to that bad visuals of plain display board. I were buy black thread and transparent tap for pasting work . in gallery I were worked before final display . there on display board I were pasted black thread by transparent tap . I were created impression on board by thread like a single line in form of graphical impression . that was also a art work by me  for  art display . when I were pasting to that thread on board that board was convert in a painting or craft work  form . that was interesting art exercise by me for a fine display on that ruf conditional  boards.

I were converted  to gallery in form of line art work by threat pasting work . in visuals  you will observe to my talk.

After hard exercise of thread pasting work that display board was looking something different . that’s was not disturbing to vision of viewers , because I were broken to that bad visuals impression by a art exercise .

Finally I were displayed  our graphic exhibition work on board  of that gallery . for hidden to board I were used big size black paper for display of our art work . that was must  for a right display of a right art work . step  by step I were displayed all artists work for exhibition .

On time of  Opening of  our art exhibition we were invited  to senior artists of our city and digital photo printer of Bikaner. That exhibition I were organized  on my birthday  27-10- 2008 so by a birthday cake  cutting,   our guests were started  digital  graphic art exhibition for visitors of Bikaner . that digital graphic art exhibition was a gift to my city by me on my birthday .

There all guests were observed and noticed to display work , because that was a different type display  in our Sudarshana Kala  Dirgha , someone were  not understood what was that someone were liked that art exercise before final display . because that thread lines were pulling to viewers eyes with work of art  presentation on that display board .

There  in  gallery  I were created impression of graphic by manual work . so there art work and art exercise before art work presentation was attracted to viewers and viewers were asking to me how to you do it ? in that gallery art work and that’s display was making some question in viewers that was plus point of our art exhibition of graphic art with manual graphic impression.

So here I said about art exercise of  art work before display ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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