Sunday, October 06, 2013

Art Vibration - 226


It was year 2003, In Bikaner this year was a progressive year for visual art . by luck our city got a artist officer by GOVT of INDIA . Our City Commissioner Sir Madhukar Gupta  and C.A.D. Commissioner Msr. Kiran Soni Gupta  . they both were changed to vision of  my city  people about visual art . that was a real change for contemporary art of Bikaner.

In 2003 , our Bikaner was visited first time a national painting camp in Bikaner . 300 national artist was participated  in that art camp . our national art society All India fine art and craft society was organized that came with our own art group . our group name is creative artist group Bikaner. I were participated  in that camp as a youth artist of Bikaner. I were represented to contemporary  art sound from Bikaner. We were gave title to that camp kala kumbh .

After observed to our art  group activity  AIFACS was invited to our Group for a art exhibition at AIFACS art gallery at AIFACS building ,Rafi Marg , New Delhi .

That was a special offer to our city Artists  for a art exhibition at AIFACS art gallery . our Group Director and city commissioner was planed  a group exhibition in banner of Creative Artist group for All India fine art and craft society. They were selected  some artists works  for art exhibition . by luck in that exhibition  my one work was selected  for exhibition.

As a group member  I were created some poster design in digital format  about our art Exhibition . that was a extra creative work by me for our art group or that was must because we can do that by our self for our art promotion.

AS a  academic  rule of Art Exhibition , we were displayed our art work on wall of art gallery of AIFACS. That was mixture art work some realistic ,some traditional or some very contemporary art work. Mostly all paintings were in oil colors on canvas. After display I were went to Market for buy a visitor book with our group artist  Manoj Solanki there in market we were buy some flowers , one visitor book and inauguration strip .

 We all artist of Bikaner were  going for a first national exhibition  in our nation center  ,at art gallery of AIFACS. That movement was giving to me more fresh energy with full confidence  that was great movement for me . it is true .

Our group Director or Artist Msr.Kiran Soni Gupta was invited  to politician of Bikaner a senior lady Msr. Jamana Barupal ( Bikaner ) for inauguration of our art exhibition ( by luck she was in Delhi )   and some more artist of AIFACS. First day of our art exhibition there Delhi media  was gave us right space on art page of news papers . that was promotion to Bikaneri art by media In our Center of nation  .

I were lived there three days for art exhibition . I were gave  my time to our group exhibition as a group member of Bikaner  creative  Artist Group. We were stayed at rest house of AIFACS . AIFACS was provided that rest house space for our group stay.

In year 2003 I saw how to system can promote to social sound . I saw a simple artist of my city was standing  in center or that’s  national art gallery by strong backup of nation system. Two right officer and their artistic vision were gave right canvas to  artist of Bikaner, in a one year . art camp Kala khumbh is special memory of year 2003 in memory of national artists  of kala Kumbh participants . and national art exhibition at AIFACS was second success , that’s result I am writing here that memorable movement of my real past. I were lived it with full energy because there senior were giving me backup as a senior . All India  Fine Art And Craft Society was noticed that live art movement of Bikaer and they were created  a exhibition space at art gallery of AIFACS for our Bikaner creative artist group ,So I said AIFACS was Exhibited us …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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