Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 243


It was year 2011 , I were read a news with a invitation about art and cultural work of artist of ajasthan by Maharaja Mewar haritable Foundation. When I were reading that invitation of art work , I were thinking about my commitment of art . because I have leaved competition participation of art after 2005 .

But that art work invitation was not in process of competition that was direct selection of artist or art work by Maharaja Mewar charitable foundation , so I were started  work  for share  my art sound with Maharana Mewar . Kind  your information Maharaja Mewar  charitable Foundation from Udaipur City and its working In under The Maharaja Mewar ( King of Udaipur ) .

I were started communication with Maharaja Mewar Charitable Foundation by online . then I were collected a form for fill with my right art  information . I were filled that form and then added  my three art work print out with that form . I were attached three drawing of myself art work and posted that form to Maharaja Mewar Charitable Foundation  by INDIAN post Service .

There painting  art work was in category of MAHARAJA SAJJAN SHING  JI. According to Form I were filled  my full art information in form columns for category of MAHARAJA  SAJJAN SHINGH JI Award.

 It was  my first submission to Maharaja Mewar Charitable Foundation so all rule and activity of myself was very new for me so I were learned some new step for nomination about selection by a charitable Foundation of KING of Udaipur .

I were submitted  my recent art work of year 2011 , that was drawing on paper by simple pencil or ink pen , that’s art concept was myself research work by drawing language so I were submitted that resent art work for selection of myself art work  about category of Maharaja Sajjan Shing ji Award . 

After submission of my art work with art information . I were connected to Maharaja Mewar  on online and I were informed  to him  about  my nomination or that’s submission work. I were got busy of myself again in work of art because I am on way of  my art journey , Maharaja Mewar charitable Foundation or that’s live art invitation was a stoppage of mid way for me , there I were share my art sound and again I were started  my art journey . I were not asked  to anyone about  my selection of rejection for Award of maharaja Sajjan Shingh ji .

 Here I want to share with you that nomination form  copy and my art work visuals . I have shared that with Maharaja Mewar Charitable Foundation . in this art activity I could expressed  my art sound in front side of comity of Maharaja Mewar Charitable Foundation . I hoped Maharaja of Udaipur was visited  my art visuals before selection ..but I am not sure about it , my inner sound is saying to me it .because I were shared  my true art sound and that’s result in form of art work for visit of Maharaja Mewar , Udaipur ,

So here I said I share art work with Maharaja Mewar charitable Foundation ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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