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Art Vibration - 252

I am Master in Cooking Art

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My nature is a learner nature so I am trying to learn everything of this nature by my exercise or practice work. This kind of nature is with me from my childhood age .you can say it is time design for me . I am thank for time because by this design I am master in cooking .

When I were read  to art literature of  writer  Bhart Muni by his Natysastra , in   that time I were know first time about art of cooking , he was said cooking is also art and we can judge to that by our sensor . A tasty food give a invisible feeling on our tong we feel about that feeling tasty or not. That food get right art form after taste by peoples. It is fact for cooking art.

 I was lucky if I have learn this creative art work in my child hood age . in that time I were lived  busy in visual art study , school study and cooking art study . In childhood age I were lived in home  of  father of my Mother. Because there mother of my mother  ( Nani ) was caring me very much she was loving to me and in home of  Nani  I were a helping hand of her by a critical time design..

 You can say my NANI was  my cooking art teacher , that was very critical time of  myself but I were used that as a student . that typical time was gave me patience design system  in myself by self control , working capacity , dedication for work  and commitment to self creative sound . In home of NANI I were supporting   to  My NANI in her kitchen ,. There I were learning to her cooking naturally by observation of myself.

There every day I were collected some task for house management or about housekeeping or cooking  with cleaning also just like  today’s live  TV  game show BIG BOSS .

Every day I were lived busy in work  of art, school study and then cooking .so today I know how to live busy with true work.  I think it is a cultural sound of our INDIAN family we are saying to it SANSKAAR , My NANI gave me work SANSKAR .

 I am telling it  to  you because yesterday I were talked to my artist friend that is belong to South INDIA , in that talk I were shared  some talk about food of sound INDIAN food DOSA , IDLY, SAMBHAR, COCONAT paste ( CHATNI ) .

I said  to my friend I know how to cook sambhar or Dosa , I am  in Rajasthan but I know cooking of south INDIAN food ,  like a cooking art master . then my friend asked  to me how to  you know cooking of south Indian food . in answer  I were told  to my friend ,   My NANI belong  to South  INDIA  MADRAS today Channei she is liking south INDIN food so she was taught me cooking of south Indian food and today I am master in cooking of south INDIAN food specially in DOSA . my all family want to eat Dosa of  my cooking . I said  to my friend I were learned that as a art because dosa cooking need really your art mind . there  you create tasty food for others , in that case  you are live on full risk when  you are cooking to food . on fire you create some taste in a pot with cooking medium , that movement of cooking need  to  you patience , sense and combination vision of food medium . I were learned  it in my child hood age in home without any Home science institute .

Actually my Nani Home was a complete Institute of character design . there  my Nani was  my teacher and parents or a rector too and I were there as a kid , student  and a helping  hand of My Nani. So institute of cooking art I were joined in my childhood age and  I were learned many type food cooking dices unconsciously . 

When I were learning to cooking  that time I were not knew about cooking art because I were read to Bharat Muni  In art  theory book of art collage. Then I were know cooking is a academic art but in field of art , it is not very popular  art. its with life but in hidden form . 

 In real life or after home  I were used this cooking art knowledge very first time In my B.F.A. education , in final year I were shared  my launch with classmates they all were liked  my vegetable dice ( Sabji )  artist Sohan Shingh Jakhar was enjoyed  my cooking art one year continue when we were lived in a one rental  room .

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 After that in year 2004 I were joined a art camp in Baswada there one day I were cooked PARNTHA for all artists with a cook , because that cooking master was not knew how to fill MASALA in Medium of paratha ( Wet AATA ) ha ha ..

And on a birthday of myself  I were invited  to my all family members and that day I were cooked DOSA by my two hand on two gas stow . in a one time I were cooked two dosa .ha ha ha.. that was  my best performance of cooking art .ha ha..  

 So here I said,  I am also master of cooking art

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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