Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Art Vibration - 236


Folder of  Hindi Play KAYA ME KAYA ( Soul In Soul ) 
Friends here on this blog I were shared  a post with  you on a Hindi film Satyagraha . I was visited  that in  last month  and here I were shared  my critical view about that film concept . I am saying it because  yesterday I were felt that same feeling  when I were visited a play in our town hall of city Bikaner. That play was  not a play for me when I were watching  to that . that play was a live book study by visuals performance or sound of actors with theater lights on theater stage .

That play was on characters of Freedom fighter  of INDIA. Writer cum director of that play Mr. Anand V, Acharya was wrote a live discussion  in contemporary  time between late great Mahatma Ghandhi , Jawahar Lal Nahru , Sardar patel, M. A. Zinna and some other characters of freedom fight of INDIA.

The play was running like a play but I were observed to that play  like a art student with definition of theater art . you can say I were there as a art critic because I were visited that play like a critic. I saw actor was performing to script very well . but I were focused on  only play script . director cum writer of that play was used to imagination space in play script  for a right dialogue to society  from theater stage.

 He was point out to mistakes of past time through  dialogue of play  characters words . in play writer was gave spot light  in writing  on concept  philosophy , because late Mahatma Ghandhi  was believed on concept of peace he was not believed on human body . our world  know it very well  by a concept we got real freedom of Nation. By a concept we have changed to vision of late British time of INDIA or that’s Government .

Before  end part of that play , play script was making a right discuss environment  with contemporary tact .but when play went near end stage there I were observed some mistakes of writer and director . actually that play end was gave a handicapped conditional movement to a youth of contemporary  time. That was not a positive end of that play . a  youth in form of a play actor, he  was calling to Late great  Mahatma Ghandhi , in  Hindi words BAAPU tum wapas aajao ek baar aajao ,baapu .  Father of nation please come back once again come back for me my nation father dot dot dot  like that . there writer was forgot to philosophy of Late great Mahatma Ghandhi or his philosophy view , Mahatma Ghandhi  was believed on concept  not  on human body .so I thought why in end  youth was calling to Mahatma Ghandhi he could  got self commitment for concept of Ghandhi philosophy . by this mistake of script that play was leaved to track on end  stage . that was converted in only play form , that play could not communicated to future concept about natural peace in life.

Photo by youth Artist Ramesh Bhojak Sameer Bikaner. 

For me that play was just a noise from theater with a concept less script . I were shared  my two hours for visit to that play and I were got nothing for concept of peace design , I were noticed writer cum director was tried  to change the concept of contemporary time by peace process but how to create peace by a right concept he could not founded by his own  vision for play writing or that’s performance . it was critical condition  for theater art and it was  going in more critical step when a theater academy permitted  to that play for performance  on stage for visit of society . in my view this type play is just giving information of history but it can’t give  new concept to society  for peace  by theater art sound .

Photo by youth Artist Ramesh Bhojak Sameer Bikaner. Myself In white shirt , i am watching very consciously to play Soul in soul at Town hall . 

End part of that play  was gave me upset condition because that was broken  my hope to that play concept . I were not got any way for future by that art performance of  two hours in town hall . so what was that ? I think  that was a self thought matter of a theater director cum writer. When I were coming out to town hall that time I were felt same feelings of film Satyagraha. when I were came out to that cinema hall after visited  to that concept less script  play on cine screen .

So here I said after visited  to that play a concept less play … 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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