Friday, October 04, 2013

Art Vibration - 224

It was a live guide line for me from a international artist of London . I was in my B.F.A. Education in art collage , Rajasthan School of art , Jaipur . Our Art Collage was organized a art workshop cum demo of art by a international  art camp . Our Art collage was invited  to a international Artist Richard Cox , London.

He was exhibited  his art work in front side of our Art collage Students . some special art work he was exhibited by projector , I were noticed  his good work visuals and some good messages about true art . he was said in English and in that time  my English was not good but my junior artist Master Apoorv Sharma Was helped  me very much after translate to his kind words in Hindi so I were understood his right guide line and good artistic words for honest art .

He was shared his art journey with full honesty , I saw he was stored his big paintings  in his small home after cut to small pieces . he was showed some visuals of his art work storage condition . that was really painful but he was honest for his work and he was confident about his art storage work.
In that art Discussion he was told to us many artistic views about visual art and that’s exercise . in that live talk movement he was shared  very special words with us . he told to all. Art need  your honesty  very fist . he was said  you can get good image as a artist by lots of art work on canvas . and society will know to you as a artist but when they will meet to  you and then they will say to  you ,  you are a good person then you can get a real artist image in your art life. because ,  Honesty  is a key of good nature ,my friends  you create in yourself a honest nature this honest nature will give  you a good artistic image naturally  in  your society .it is fact of art life or it is must for honest Art .  

 I were noticed  his guide line as a art student and I was also honest for me or  for my life or for my art or for my society or for  my nation or world because I am believing in VASUDEV KUTUMBHKAM  ( world family . ) .

But that day to I were got some more conscious on honest  matter of myself. In art I were lived  honest and in real life I were tried for live honest for my best.  I were lived and today honest point is fix in my vision of  life. It is working because it’s a right philosophy of human life. By social or  Maythological  too .

After that International art workshop I were not met to Artist Richard Cox but his good words is living  in me always when time need to me my honest . before that live meet to Richard I have read lots of about honest but he was indicated to me about honest for my practical art life. So his words is recalling  to me on honest movement of my life. I am thankful for him always.

Here I want to share a short story of my honest work in society without art sound but that was in under of art sound.  One day I was on the road of my city Bikaner .i think that was year 2005 , I were on my iron chetak ( Bike ) . I saw a bike rider was riding his bike on  same road . suddenly I saw a paper was come out from his shirt pocket , he was not noticed and that paper was fly in air  and he was in fast speed . I were called him but he was not listened . so I were stop to   my bike and picked that paper in my hand , I saw that was a self  bank cheque of  rupees 55000/- . I were started my bike and followed to that bike rider but I were not saw him again on that road where he was moved I don’t know . so I were came home and searched bank contact in phone directory . After  found the contact number of bank  I were called to bank about that cheque or that cheque holder . Bank Manager was gave me right address of that bank .or that cheque holder . so next day I were went to that bank and submitted that self cheque in hand of that cheque holder . I saw Full confidence or  a natural  smile with cool feeling  on face of that cheque holder . he was said me lots of good words and he was offered me about demand of gift . I said  your cool smile is my gift.  You are feeling confidence in yourself  its  my gift.  He told me in future when you need my help I will come with  you any time . because  you are a honest person of my city . there I were remembered to artist Richard Cox and his honest words. Because I am living  to that live words and that’s positive result in my life practically .
 So I said art need honest  Nature ..

I were submitted this self bank cheque to Cheque Holder.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  


yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Honest words of Artist Richard Cox for me E mail..
Dear Yogendra Kumar
Many thanks four Email, I am glad you found my talk at Rajasthan School of Art helpful.
The person whose cheque you found and returned must be very impressed with your honesty,
you did the right thing and congratulations.
If you would like to see some of my work here is my website:
Good luck with your work and Best Wished.
Richard Cox
Wales UK

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