Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 250


Yes I did a set design art and craft work for a musical performance . that was a live performance by school kids in school function . you can say I were created some fantasy work for kids enjoyment .

Actually I were busy in my work and in that case I were received a phone call of Doctor Shriyans Jain , Bikaner . he is doctor in medical field but he is also doctor,   on level of dance and performing art. By that call he was invited  me at a school . I were went there for meet to him .there  he was told to  me I want to  you a good set design for our presentation of this school function . our event will based on music and  dance  so it is must  you create a musical concept in your set design.  Mr. Jain was gave me very short time  for that design creation. That was open challenge for me by myself . because it is in my art nature ..ha , its design by nature  for me . so no way for change  to it before death. Ha ha.

Actually I were got only 24 hours for that set design work . so I  were came at home and created some layout of set design , in that case Mr. Jain was gave me some dance form print out of dancer about my idea or  set design creation . That was helping to me because I were knew what kind of visuals  Dr. Jain wanted  to me for his performance set .

After got a final layout of set design by my art exercise I were selected medium of set design . so I were buy tharmacol sheets , fevicol and some sign full colors .

At home I were draw some big drawing  in human size of a dancer and then I were transferred that on sheets of tharmacol . I were created cutout of dancer form and pasted that by favicol . after that I were created cutout of some notes symbol of Music and text of BEATS .  After  cutout craft work I were painted that with sign full color . over all  in 8 hours I were completed that first step of set design of musical performance .

Next day  I were went to that  school with my crafted work , I were transported  that art and craft work  by   loud body taxi. That was critical seen  because art medium was very light  and soft  but for safety that was in loud body texi . ha ha..

finally there on set of live performance of that school.  I were   fixed  that cutout  on stage. I saw many kids were helped to  me for fix to that cutout  on stage background . I were fixed that by thread because tharmacol is a very soft  and light medium so by thread I were fixed that with helping hand  of school kids . over all in a one day I were gave a light and short time set design to Doctor Shriyans Jain or his school team .

But that day  on performance  time of that school program I were not presented there.  so I were not shoot  that final design visuals for  my art documentation  work . but here I am sharing some visuals of that art and craft work for  your visit , I sure  you will imagine , what was final look of that musical set  design with colorful light impression .

There I were saw transformation of art  in me or in a doctor of medical department . A doctor was  a good artist a good performer or a good art performance teacher and myself,  a painter was converted my  thought for a set design by 3D form  impression in work of art . there  for kids that was a live learning movement about art and craft . some kids were observing me  and asking to me some questions  about art and culture . i were gave answer to them and I saw true art interest of art in that school kids that was a interesting movement for me .because there  I  were shared some art sound with kids by art work of set design.

So here I said set design for musical performance

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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