Sunday, October 13, 2013

Art Vibration - 234


India a nation of a traditional culture .in India people live busy in work of traditional festival or that’s celebration work. It is a real culture sound of INDIA. In India we have mixed culture of many religions but we live like a family with this different culture of religions .

 For example I want to share some  for your notice . when Islamic people are get busy in celebration of marriage  in that marriage Hindu cook are cook to food for them I saw it in my city many time . and when Hindu people are celebrate to festival of Holi , Deepawli and Dhashhara  , before this festival many Islamic family member are live busy in preparation of that festival products , on Holi they are create color for Hindu families , on Deepawli they are create small atom and some more light creating  product we are saying to that in Hindi PATAKHA , On Dashahara some Islamic craft mans are create big size paper sculpture in form of Ravana look.

Ravana was a devil character of RAMAYAN , in Hindu religion . so on Dashahra day Hindu family burn to paper sculpture of Character Ravana for remove to negativity of society .so all India is celebrate to this Dadhahra festival  by true art work of Islamic craft mans.

I am saying  it because  I were observed it live from our city . before Dashahra festival day I were read a news by news paper , in that news I were read  some craft mans were came from Uttar Pradesh for creation of paper sculpture of Ravana for Bikaner City . next  day  I were went to our Maharaja karni Shingh stadium . there I saw many craft mans were busy  in work of paper sculpture they were created very big size paper  sculpture by support of bamboo sticks . that was looking like a Terakota format sculpture by paper or wood . I saw that was  in size of 50 to 70 fits in height . they were creating  three paper sculpture for city celebration .they were knew their craft work will burn but they were creating  that for hindu families. In that movement I were thought  why Islamic peoples are creating it for damage , in next movement I were got answer of my question .i thought about Islamic day a sad  day   Moharam , before  Moharam Islamic craft mans are create good artistic cum architectural design  in form of TAJIYA . on day of Moharam they are damage to that very fine craft work from his hand .

That same story was with paper sculpture of Ravana . I saw a very senior Islamic carft man was guiding to juniors for right craft work . I saw there sculpture of Ravana was in three parts head, mid part of body and lags . that all parts were  very colorful and decorated by fine craft work of  Islamic family of Utter Pradesh , INDIA.

I were went  there with my camera . so I were shoot to that live craft work of paper sculpture of RAVANA . there I were shoot that craft work and that’s final fixing  process for DASHAHARA celebration. That was a very challenging work  for craft mans. I saw how to they were fixed that three paper sculpture by help  of a big crane . when a crane was pulling to big size sculpture  in that movement  I were observed lots of tens on face of craft mans, because there one mistake of  anyone could  damaged to one month craft work or thats labor . so that was tens movement for craft man . here in visuals  you will observe to that tens movement of craft mans.

I were shoot that live craft and engineering performance for preparation of festival celebration .that was a story photography work of myself at  Maharaja Karni Shingh Stadium . today is Dashahara festival  in INDIA and here in INDIA Hindu families are  busy  in celebration of this festival so that’s true sound is clicking in my mind for this true visuals story of past .

 So here  am sharing  and I said to that story,  paper sculpture of Ravana..
Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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