Thursday, January 21, 2016

Art Vibration - 414

Literature Mean Live Life

In India we found very first literature in form of poetic book. That’s name is RAMAYAN . The Ramayan was first start of literature in Indian  culture . The Ramayan was first Biography of God Ram , writer Sant Walmiki was wrote that after inspired to a critical live Seen of death of couple birds.  He went in  pain emotion and then he was gave RAMAYAN as a writing Creation to Indian culture . Sant Walmiki was wrote complete  life of God Ram in Ramayan with full detail.

Today we are saying RAMAYAN is a literature book  but in  my view that book is a documentation by a life writer . Ramayan Is a Text literature . but I think literature is not limited only on  text . literature can in form of  visual art ( painting, Drawing , Sculpture or Installation )  Literature can write  by light ( Photography is also writing work by light ) .today art critics are accepting it in literature . 

 So I think literature is a documentation of time, motion, condition, imagination or expression of real life .

Its example I were faced yesterday at Achary Tulsi Samadhi Sthal , (NETIKTA KA SHAKTI PITH ) Bikaner . There I were visited a photo biography on Achary  Tulsi , The Great Photographer Sir Raghu Rai was shoot that photo biography . Actually Sir Raghu Rai wrote to real life of Jain Muni Acharya Tulsi by light ( Camera ) . That photo biography was giving me complete sense about life of Jain Muni Acharya Tulsi  like a literature . so why I not accept to Photography in Literature .Without text I were read to life of Acharya Tulsi . I felt him and his life patience or his peaceful vision about peaceful society/ culture .  

My painting  on literature / life ..year 2005 ...
 In year 2005 I were worked  on life  through  my painting language . I were created a 7X4 fits paper painting by water color . in that painting  I were created some books and on book pages  I were painted many time  only life text. Because I thought all book have sense of life .  

so all kind of  literature is work around our life . I thought no life then no way for literature . 

Dr. Subhash Chandra is lanching his auto biography  from Stage of  Zee Literature Festival , Jaipur 2016 ...

This Image from facebook page of Art critic  Sir  Vinod Bhardwaj
 Its one more live example is,  I did visited today on twitter post . The Zee Literature festival of Jaipur 2016 has  started today Morning at Diggi palace Hotel Jaipur .There Dr Sudhash Chandra was launched his auto biography . he has wrote  his life in his autobiography . 17 rupees to he was started his life in childhood age and today after lots of struggle he is a director of Zee network unite and some more social works are in his direction  in our world . he has converted his life journey in text ,like a live documentation from his self life . that documentation is in form of a book so that was launched today in Zee Literature festival of Jaipur , INDIA .Actually Zee literature festival was launched to life of Sir Shubhash Chandra in form of literature from Stage of Zee Literature festival Jaipur .    
 I were also  registered myself  for join to this zee literature festival Jaipur 2016 , But environment is very cold and I am in Bikaner so I am not capable for join to this historical event . This event organizer know it very well if life documentation is very must for better future or education of life . Because we people learn to others life for our life vision  . in this learning process literature is support to us for fast/ right  growth of our education . Because all literature elements are give to us  meaning of life  by different angles of life. 

 So here I said literature mean live life ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, India

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