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Art Vibration - 105


 RANK AWARD Certificate from AIR INDIA for  me 2004
AIR INDIA & RAJASTHAN PATRIKA news paper was organized a joint event  about awareness and knowledge  in summer time of year 2004 in Bikaner . I was in study of masters education and by luck I was in Bikaner on my holiday.

I were read a news by Rajasthan Patrika , about this Rank award activity , in that activity I were participated as a art master and I were sited with others  teachers of Bikaner city . I am remembering  that short test of myself knowledge by AIR INDIA and RAJASTHAN PATRIKA . In that test I were got a question sheet with one hour time limit.

 I were noticed  in that question sheet , mostly  that question’s was  on social life and social rule , they gave some questions  about new nation design , by that question they were checked  our view and knowledge . in last question they were demanded to all a design of flag for a new nation . I were enjoyed  to that question and I were created  a new flag design with symbol of love and heart . when  I were painted that small flag on that answer sheet a examiner was continue watching to my creativity , I were making smile on his face . His smile  was my first pass marks of that knowledge test and I were aware to all examiner ‘s about painting and art by my flag painting  work . really that was natural great movement  for me or for all examiner’s . they were watching how to I am controlling on water color and how to I am painting and imagining  a new flag design about a question . they were  noticing  text question ‘s  and that’s answer was coming out by my knowledge in visual from . Actually I were aware to them about visual language by live practical demo in that test of AIR INDIA and RAJASTHAN PATRIKA .

In our Examination hall some kids were also participated in junior category . so they were watching me and trying to observe how to I am painting flag on answers sheet some kids were demanded   to me my color and brush and I were gave them , I were wanted to gave some idea and help for flag painting but but examination rule was not permitted to me and I were not broken to rule of exam.

There I were participated in that exam for express to vision of art and artist  and someone participated  for  tour of Singapore . Because Singapore tour department was gifted tour prize  to first and second or ETC.After Exam of Knowledge   or awareness  next day Rajasthan Patrika was Published  some name of participator’s .   in that name list  I were read my name  so I think that was  my second pass marks from Rajasthan  Patrika . after that I were forget  to that exam and that’s result and I were thought Air INDA and Rajasthan Patrika was selected to some special and educated teacher  for that first and second  result , I was right but in that case they were not forgot to myself . it was third pass marks  for me from AIR INDIA or RAJASTHAN  PATRIKA .

Rank Award Participation Certificate from RAJATHAN PATRIKA and AIR - INDIA  for  Me  2004 

One Day I were received  a phone call from Office of RAJASTHAN  PATRIKA , they were invited me at office of Bikaner.  I were went there , then they were submitted a envelope in my hand  and said to me congratulation Mr. Yogendra . Air INDIA and Rajasthan Patrika was selected  your answer sheet from all Rajasthan participation ‘s . we can’t give  you a tour of Singapore but we are giving  to  you a certificate of our AIR INDIA AND RAJASTHAN  PATRIKA  about Awareness and Knowledge . we are thankful for  your participation so this certificates is a real thanks to  you.

That was a real surprise for me by RAJASTHAN PATRIKA , because they were called me and submitted a reward  for  my small art exercise . they were taken  seriously  my answer and flag design of new nation .  actually I were liked the new concept of new nation Design by that question sheet so I were putted  my 100 % consciousness that consciousness was created real awareness and knowledge , that was by luck but I was lucky if I have participated in that new concept of new nation Design.

Today my time is giving me full time activeness for true art and awareness of art knowledge . I am continue busy  in art awareness by this online network  and I am sure RAJASTHAN PATRIKA  and AIR INDIA  is Noticing  my art awareness and art knowledge . Because they both are connected  to me  on online network . I am happy I have not brake trust of  them about  my work of Awareness or Knowledge  of art.  They are knowing today I am saying  , I am designing to world art . it mean I am thinking for new world design it’s a one step up to new nation design Question of AIR INDIA AND RAJASTHAN PATRIKA . So I am thinking who will give me up rank award  or That’s Certificate ..haha I am just kidding ..!

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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