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Art Vibration - 101

This true practical words of a great businessman of our world Mr. Ratan Naval Tata , he is living for INDIA. Here I am sharing this kind of  words of Mr. Ratan Naval Tata , it is not a  business level post but I know art is a real business of Mind  I have read it in My master Education , this words wrote Dr. Haridwari Prasad Shastri  and a businessman is taking decision as a artist with his creative energy. So I have mansion   this true  words at here for this post .

Unconsciousness of myself  is running  on Mr. Ratan Tata  words philosophy . it is fact of  my life. We know  life have two way for any condition in any relation of life. one is positive or second is negative . we try to get positive condition from that complicated motional condition. We are use our mind knowledge for positive result , but after decision that condition want to us lots of work  for fine positive  result , it is another fact of all kind of decision of our life.  

I did taken a first decision for my art life  in that time I were in class five, My school Head Master Shri Mohan Gopal Joshi ji was visited  my drawing book that was  my ruf drawing book or note book too , he saw my drawing and gave me very hard criticism for  my child art work , he told me are  you mad?  what you have draw in this note book  your father head ? my school head master gave me a complicated condition for  my creation exercise , then I did taken a first decision  one day I will create good work as a artist . but after that day I were not show my any drawing in my school class.

After five year  I were came in 10th class , class  six to  10th  I were lived busy  in art and drawing work after study in B.K. School that was privet School . in B.K. school some time  I were draw painting in math  or science class , my teacher was got angry and some time they were gave order to me for out to class , but  in my school I did proved  I have art sense so  there my drawing teacher Mr. Bhurmal Soni was  supported and promoted me . in my school I were gifted  some portrait of great personality of our Nation Like Mahatma Ghandhi , Bhagat Shingh, Chandra Shekhar Aajad ,Indira Ghandhi or some more . in that art interest I got result fail in  my 9 class , that was real turning point of my art decision. There to I noticed study is very must  for a real artist .

After 10th class result , I were came in full confidence for art education . my family member want to me I take admission in Agriculture study but  I told to them I will take fine art subject , if  you will not permit to me for this art subject study I will do work of labour but I will not read agriculture study that is not  my interest , I want to see myself as a art master .

My family was not happy to my decision but they were permitted me for fine art education. There to my decision test was started , I were alone on this study way because no one in my family as a artist or they have no much more interest in painting or visual art. So that was very open challenge for me with lots of risk . but I were confident about  my art energy or about  my art passion .

After 10th  in two year I gave first result to family by my decision , I did got 72 % marks in Fine Art Education Rajasthan Senior Secondary board was gave me scholarship, there my art teacher was not right so I did got 72% actually I were deserved myself art in Merit level of Rajasthan Se.sec. Board .

After 12th I were taken a one more decision for  art degree from art collage , so I were got admission in Rajasthan  School of Art  Jaipur . in four year I were expressed  to myself as a true art student , I were lived busy in art and art concept design , I were learned  lots of from my art collage and that’s art environment . step by step I were designed  in myself a right definition of a artist , I were  observed to seniors to my art teachers or that city and journey of Bikaner to  jaipur or jaipur to Bikaner. That was my life design time by time condition . I did faced lots of pain and trouble but finally I got B.F.A. Painting Degree with First class position . it was second successful result by me to my family or to  my First School Head Master  Sir.

But that was not final stage of My art journey or that was not a last stage of art , that was first point of true artist journey for me .After B.F.A. I could not got admission in any art institute for my master of Art Education. I did tried in Sir J.J. School of Art , Delhi collage of Art  and M.S. University of Baroda , because that time master of Art Education was not started in Rajasthan , so I did move to direction of my art study , and I were started art exhibitions for art work promotion by itself .I were joined to my artist friends and we were created a Art Group that’s title was MANTHAN , here in past post I have shared  about our MANTHAN.

That group decision was good for us but my friend want fast success and I want real art success because art is in my real AIM . they were needed money like a businessman , they want to do art business and I were doing mind business . so in three year continue we were exhibited our art work in Delhi , Mumbai or some city of Rajasthan like Jaipur or Bikaner, That exhibitions were gave me a real identity as a youth artist of Rajasthan , because I were creating contemporary art work in symbolic art language .  we were gave two big art Exhibition  to Rajasthan or Our Nation INDIA. That was first big art exhibition from youth artist of Rajasthan In Jaipur  so I can say our decision was wrote a art history about big Art exhibition  by a decision or by luck I were in center of that art decision.

After group show I were done some solo art exhibition in Delhi or Mumbai  City .I were gave 40 art Exhibitions to our nation by myself art Decision and in a one Solo art exhibition of Bikaner City I were invited very first to my First School Head Master Shri  Mohan Gopal Joshi ji , and I said to him I have art degree today in my hand sir after  your hard words about  my child art work of fifth class . I did saw  his face expression but I have no words for express to that expression of his face .ha

In 2003 I were again joined to master of Art Education at Rajasthan School of Art, in 2003 Rajasthan University was permitted about Master of art Education to Rajasthan School of Art. In same year here in my city Bikaner I were started  my own art studio for income , I were started creative design work + photography job . when i got information about master Education from Rajasthan School of art , I were came in again trouble  condition, mind was diverted in two way one side new job as a studio director and second side master education demand of art. So again I were taken a decision on risk I were got  admission in master of Art education . I leaved home , studio and art job  for real art job of myself . In two year I were proved what is the energy of yogendra . I got again first passion result but as a artist I got a real passion in field of  contemporary  art of Rajasthan .

In master education I were faced lots of challenge in study, and in working living system.  That was painful for me but there art and some good friends and my art teachers were supported me and art gave me patience or pain converting way by form of art. I did big wall paintings, lots of conceptual art work or art exercise , I did joined some good art workshop of Academic or art societies . there I were show I am on right decision . after master I were gave first exhibition to My art Collage  and My art Collage was gave me a reward as a best art student or a other reward for  my academic art work . it was another success of my decision.

After master I were done some work at Jawahar kala Kendra and there to I were created  a art sound about youth artist , work is must work give  you patience and your patience is create art space for  you.
After 2007 I were taken decision for back to home , I were came Bikaner and here I were joined  to  my studio , in studio I were lived busy in photography work and painting too , I were gave some money to home and confidence to my family . in same time I were taken a one more decision about online art communication.  I were not knowing  much more about computer technology but I were taken a risk , I were buy a computer and then BSNL networking connection and started art communication.

Dr. Amitabh Bachchan was notice  my art decision and he was reply to me.
Kind  your information I were touched 10,000 world Art galleries  in first  two months by online and I have shared  my art work visuals with visit invitation , I were created a online web page by itself in free of cost . because I were needed communication by online way and on online I want space  for work display by luck I find a web page from Thailand . I can say that was  my first online web site , that time I were not connected  to any online networking system like facebook or twitter  but I were connected  with Dr. Amitabh bachchan by his online blog . that is a another story so I will share  with  you next time  but . Dr. Amitabh bachchan was  noticed  my art sound and he was promoted me by his blog many time , and he was permitted me for my art work link post on his blog  space.

By this online communication today I have connected to our all world Art family and time to time our world Art family is giving me art exhibitions art publication by art magazines. Some world Art family member have my art work in his art collection  or in my nation Our Hon’ble  Former President of INDIA Smt.Pratibha Devi Shingh Patil  was noticed  my art exhibition of Mumbai and she was posted me her good wishes and blessing with word LIVE LONG.

So today after reading the  words of  Sir Ratan Naval  Tata , I am feeling it is very true and fit with  my art life too , I don’t believe in right  Decisions, I take decision and make them right.. “ RATAN NAVAL TATA”

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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