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Art Vibration - 113


News paper Rajasthan Patrika was published
 My Art Action against Pakistan on kargil war time .
Every one is a soldier in his or her life , this word was  said  to me our Air Wing N C C  Teacher In Joudhpur Camp . there he said you all will not go in army or air wing  but in  your real life  you will live like a soldier , because you will face every day a new problem and condition for fight . in army soldier can see to opposition in form of other country soldier but in social life your opposition soldier   will invisible so you will live more alert and active for fight to that condition but in  your social  life  you will live like a soldier.  This  true words of my N C C  Air Wing  Teacher. He   was right . I felt it in  my art life and as a soldier I were done fight to my life condition many time  . so here I want to share  with you a true fight of a artist that artist was me .

It  was year 1999, I were came Bikaner After  my B.F.A. art Education . in that time Pakistan country was attacked on our KARGIL hills , my city was converted  in field of war . every side army and that’s taint ‘s . I were feeling angry as a army man because I have got two year training of Air wing  in 1992-93 .but I were not in army or air wing . in that movement my inner sound was pressurized to me for action against wrong war of  PAKISTAN  .

I were created a big painting in form of poster and in that painting I did showed  my all angriness about wrong action of PAKISTAN . after creation of that painting I were exhibited  in mid of city , that is center of our Bikaner, we are saying to that KOT GATE a ENTRY GATE of Bikaner . that time war was on and in mid war I were taken this art action against Pakistan and 15th days  continue I were exhibited  that painting in wall of Kot Gate , Bikaner. People were  watching and reading my words with that painting  I were wrote in Hindi very angry words for negative action of Pakistan .

Soldiers of INDIAN Army in motion of victory with Indian Flag  at kargil Hill

I wrote   
 ऐ पाक तू मिटादे ,अपने ना पाक इरादे !
वरना हिंदुस्तान भुलादेगा अपनी कसमे और वादे !!

“ hey pakistan you delete your wrong idea ,
Otherwise Hindustan will forget our commitment and promises !!

In Bikaner Rajasthan Patrika news paper was noticed and  published my art action against Pakistan . Rajasthan Patrika  team was showed full support to my art action by painting publication .

Application of Myself to City Collector of Bikaner
 for accept  my Donation Money  draft.

After 6 days of that art work exhibition Pakistan was surrender in front of INDIAN army . in same time I were got busy of myself for design a donor card for collection of Money for late soldier ‘s family  relief . I were not mature in that time so I were designed only 50 cards and I did collected money only one day by that 50 cards , I were fixed cost 10 rupees of each one  donation card for relief to late soldier ‘s family. I should created 100 to 1000 card . but I were mature for relief  to soldiers family . So by that 50 cards  I were collected 500 rupees in a one day . for relief of soldiers family .

I were went to bank and there to I were got a draft for chief minister (Mr. Ashok gahlot  ) help account of Rajathan and next day I were went to office of City  Collector of Bikaner . there I were asked  to a office worker about collection room , then he was  told  me where is the center  of money collection  about   soldiers family relief  .

He was guide me and then I got a right place of money collection in collector office of Bikaner . there I were submitted  my  money collection draft  .i were submitted draft  with a application for acceptance of  my help for late soldiers family relief .  they were collected  my small amount help  and registered   my name in a collection register .

Draft of  Rupees  501 , for relief to late soldiers family of kargil war .

They were said me thanks and same thanks I were gave them by me. There a one officer Asked  to me about my collection project then I were shared with him my full angry story with sound of true art action. He said to me it was a great job of  yours yogendra , I reply to him it was must  for our nation sir..
After 15th days war was completed INDIA was won but we lost many army soldiers without any wrong step . but they soldier s was proved in world no one can touch to INDIA with wrong idea . when someone take wrong step on INDIA then we delete to them from this world Kargil war was a live example for PAKISTAN  or  for other  negative  countries of our world . Ha

A thanks letter to me  from Chief Minister of  Rajasthan  Sir Ashok  Gahlot ,
about  my art action or Money donation for  relief of late soldiers family of kargil War.
After few days of that war I were received a letter from Office of Chief Minister of Rajasthan . in that letter they were appreciated my helping action by way of art , I read a thanks of our Chief Minister  for me . that was a great movement  for my true art duty . because our state Chief Minister was promoted to my art action or to small donation for late soldier family relief . I were happy because  my art action was worked for soldier families  by way of our Govt. of INDIA.

But I know money can’t create same life after death , we can give money and relief to  late soldiers family, but we can’t give  sun to that family ,

 A nation family give sun to nation  and that sun is get  death  in care to nation then nation is give some money in form of donation to that  death sun family for recovery of a sun  life . I think it is a real definition of a nation in our world  in condition of war .

As a national person I were contributed  my small art donation for care and relief of late soldiers family.  in year 1999 when we were won kargil war to Pakistan that movement I were completed  my art duty in time of real war ….

Jai Hind .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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